You hope it won’t happen, but it does: Bullying


A couple of weeks ago, Charlie came to his dad and said that while he was playing at the basketball courts near our house, two kids, a brother, and sister, came up to him and told him to drop his pants.

I guess Charlie did it because he doesn’t know any better and these kids told him it would be a joke. Lately, we have been trying to teach Charlie what a joke is. But Charlie came to his Dad upset. We dealt with that with the school and they helped get a resolution.

Just last week we had another incident, this time on the bus and with another child. Charlie was told by this kid that this kid would “kick his butt”. Charlie has been afraid to ride the bus ever since. It doesn’t help that the bus driver is a freaking nightmare, screaming at the top of his lungs at the kids.

Charlie is terrified of yelling. I have tried to deal with this with the school, but the principal has not communicated back with me about it. Maybe they think that because Charlie is off the bus, that the problem is resolved, but the fact is that that there is a kid out there who is acting out toward Charlie.

That’s not to say that Charlie is the easiest kid to get along with, especially on the bus, he hates the bus and get scared and sometimes screams. But we have to know what’s going on. I am hopeful that the school will help pinpoint what happened and try to resolve it. I would hate for Charlie to get the kid of abuse that I got as a kid in school.

Janet Bowser

One thought on “You hope it won’t happen, but it does: Bullying

  • When my brother was going to school, kids at the bus stop would actually beat him blue and bloody. I remember being in kindergarten and kicking and biting a lot of 4th graders to leave him alone. He still had bullying problems in middle school. Boys would still pick on him and beat him up. And mostly throughout highschool he got called names. He never finished his senior year. In general he always disliked school because of the other kids.


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