H1N1 Vaccine Questioned – Autism

H1N1 Vaccine I came across an article titled Autism Activists Question H1N1 Vaccine. There are two ingredients in this vaccine that raise question: thimerosal and squalene. If you know anything about vaccines and autism then you know that thimerosal (known as mercury) is a big controversy right now. I can’t believe that they are even thinking about putting that in a vaccine. GRRR The Squalene is aluminum and our bodies already have it but if increased amounts they believe this could cause auto immune deficiencies. They are in a rush to develop this and have this ready for an outbreak. They are saying that it’s safe but if they can’t research it longer then 2 months how in the world are they going to know the long term effects.

Symptoms of H1N1 flu (swine flu), include cough and sore throat and possibly vomiting and diarrhea, fever and body aches. Mind you this is the same symptoms as the regular influenza.

I am sorry but I am not comfortable vaccinating my kids with the H1N1 vaccine. Every time we got the flu shots we ended up sick. I don’t care about the mumbo jumbo saying oh it don’t make you sick. I beg to differ! If I am not getting what they are putting in me I am getting something else. The point is WE all get sick really bad in this house. Dakota, Brad and I got the flu shot and we were all sick at the same time with fevers and everything else that goes with it. So we don’t get it anymore and we don’t’ get the flu. I am just not going to do it. I am not going to risk the long term effects from this vaccine being rushed out to the public.

I really suggest you read the article yourself as I have probably left things out that are important. This is just my opinion. I am not telling anyone else what to do. I am just letting you know the 2 ingredients that are in it. I refuse to vaccinate my kids with ANY thimerosal in it.

Heavy Metals are just that. They are Heavy Metals and they are NOT good!

You know what else gets me is the negative comments the person got on this article. It really saddens me that people are not educated. There were cases were people won against the pharmacuetical companies and have linked it to the vaccines. Then there are cases that did not win. So people need to get their facts straight before they start talking. I am sorry I don’t think they can understand our feelings on vaccinations and autism if they are not in our situtation.  Coincidence??  I think not. In fact vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue. There is a company now  studing the effect on if this alter genetics. So time will tell and the truth should come out. I am starting ot pay attention to what is in the ingredients now.  Sorry I guess I am spouting off again. This really is a touchy subject with me and I get so very frustrated.

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I am Stacie a SAHM of three. I started blogging in May 2009. When I first started blogging I wanted to spread the news about autism awareness. I wanted a place where others could see inside my world and know what I go through on a day to day basis. Just giving a glimpse of understanding. I also wanted others who also had kids on the spectrum to not feel alone. Since then my blog has changed and I also started blogging out our adventures in homeschooling.


I am Stacie a SAHM of three. I started blogging in May 2009. When I first started blogging I wanted to spread the news about autism awareness. I wanted a place where others could see inside my world and know what I go through on a day to day basis. Just giving a glimpse of understanding. I also wanted others who also had kids on the spectrum to not feel alone. Since then my blog has changed and I also started blogging out our adventures in homeschooling.

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  • @Dargon@xanga – you hit the nail on the head. The whole vaccines with mercury causing autism has been debunked anyway…it’s hard to believe that people are still barking up that tree- forget about the pollution, the additives in our food, the additives in the food that the animals eat, the mercury content in the ocean, in our water, blah blah blah. people love to run with shit and the media turns us all into sheep.
    make your decisions based on your best guess after reading BOTH SIDES of a controversy, but don’t make decisions based on panic.

  • Every week I see at least one or two people in the ICU with 2009 H1N1. Usually on a ventilator, unable to breathe on their own… and with other opportunistic organisms causing infections ON TOP of the flu. My friends in the OR tell me they’ve seen thoracotomies in which the patients’ lungs looked like shit. You wanna tell those people that 2009 H1N1 is no big deal?

    There’s mercury in fillings. Look up amalgam. Do you avoid the dentist or put off dental work? There’s also mercury in the food supply. If thimerosal in vaccines is what really worries you, there are pre-filled, single-dose syringes and intranasal vaccines which contain no thimerosal. Or… just don’t get vaccinated.

    My family got the 2009 H1N1 vaccine. My parents and I got the injectible vaccine, since we have underlying issues (I have asthma). My children got the intranasal vaccine. In fact, my daughter is due for her second dose. My sister and her family, however, are not getting the vaccine. I can’t really do anything about that.

    Each of us can only be responsible for ourselves and our own children. But be informed… don’t follow the hype, for or against. I’ll admit I had my worries about the 2009 H1N1 vaccine, but the more I read about it and the more I saw it at the hospital, the more I was convinced it was the right choice for me and my family. I believe the reason the CDC is so worried about the 2009 H1N1 is that they don’t want a repeat of what happened with the 1918 H1N1.

  • There are pros and cons for both sides. I tested positive for H1N1 and didn’t have a fever or a cough or any of the usual symptoms. I just felt tired and worn out. My infant daughter had it a little before me, and her case was horrible. She developed pneumonia even after treatment with nebulizers, etc for her cough. H1N1 affects everyone differently. And the truth is, you never know how it will affect you or your children until you are going through it. I have vaccinated my older daughter, and can honestly say I am perfectly content with my decision to vaccinate her.. especially after seeing what my youngest daughter went through with it. (Sidenote- I was planning on getting them both vaccinated but my youngest tested positive for it before we were able to get the vaccine. They still recommended I get her vaccinated for it.)

  • There is no reason to get this vaccine, if you are high risk take the regular shot.The symptoms of H1N1 are nearly the same as The flu, Infact dont take any vaccine, just stop complaining, wash your hands dont bite your nails ,exercise and eat healthy that way you can be healthy and significantly lower your chances of getting even the common cold.

  • Yes, there is a lot of hype about the H1N1 flu and shot.  Have any of you actually gotten the shot/nasal spray or known people who have?  I had the nasal spray.  I’m just fine and besides getting kind of sleepy later that day like most shots do to me, nothing.  Nasal sprays are not new to the industry like the media has made it seem and no we are not test subjects.  Honestly I would have been more afraid living in South America as they were all getting vaccinated over the summer in their flu season.  As far as the nasal spray goes, they have been around for quite a few years but due to the expensive nature, insurance companies won’t cover them typically. 

    I normally don’t get a regular flu shot and have opted not to this year as well because I generally do get sick but opted for H1N1 because I can’t afford to be off for 2 weeks.  NOTE, I do NOT get sick from the shot itself but a college lifestyle of lots of stress, little sleep, and contact with all sorts of bugs.  Flu shots only contain inactive (aka dead chopped up proteins) for what the industry has guessed will be the 3- 4 most common strands that year.  If they change enough or you come in contact with a different virus, you can get the flu.  If you are having symptoms after the shot, it could either be allergic reactions or placebo type affect.  You cannot get sick from dead, inactive viruses.  Gaurdasil as well, contains only a few (again I think 4) most common types that can give you cervical cancer.  I don’t want to mess with chances of getting cervical cancer.  Cancer sucks, it becomes a game of kill the cancer faster than you die.

    The autism link I’m very skeptical of with vaccinations as well.  The time when most kids are getting vaccinated is the time when autism begins to show.  It must be incredibly hard to watch your beautiful child go from being bright and sunny to a “lights are on but nobody is home” look.  You want an answer, so you look back across the days looking for anything you could have done to bring this on your child.  Honestly, I think you have done nothing wrong.  It is a horrible thing to have happen to your family and to your child but the solution is not as clear cut as it was the shot.  People get cancer all the time without doing something to bring it on.  My aunt was a picture of health (ran 5 miles everyday, perfect weight, didn’t drink in excess, never smoked) and she got mouth cancer.  Bad things happen to people who don’t deserve it and we can only hope doctors figure out cures as quickly as possible.

  • get vaccinated

    @PrinsesAna@xanga – 

    You can still get the flu after having the flu shot because there are different strains of flu. The flu shot itself changes year to year, it is filled with strains of flu that appear to be “around” for that year. It doesn’t mean you can’t catch a strain that isn’t in the shot. And as with the H1N1 shot, it is only 90% effective. The H1N1 strain is supposed to be included in the “normal” flu shot  next year as well. I suppose that will make a bunch of people not get their regular shot because for some reason the H1N1 shot is so much different from other shots? I don’t see it.

  • @mee01 – Identical or fraternal? And did one or both get the vaccine? Both of these are important pieces of information you have neglected to mention.

    With regards to DAN conferences, based on the letter from the director, I already call bullshit on the foundation. The mention of detox, a procedure which does nothing, as an effective treatment calls their science into question. If you are buying into this, it seems you, not I, needs to do the research. Or are you afraid to admit your ignorance to the facts?

    No worries about not being able to respond quickly, please do so at your leisure.

    Just an aside, proper spelling and grammar would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, your rampant insults followed by your offer to pray for me amuses me to no end. Quite hypocritical of you there.

  • @Dargon@xanga – Goes to show how much u know idiot hes a twin and his twin doesnt have it but he does because he was vaccinated so before you try to before you try to make comments about something you know nothing about get ur facts straight I tell you what have a child with autism whoDIDNT HAVE IT THEN GOT VACCINATED AND OOHHH guess what got it right after why dont u spend some time doing some research on it instead of sitting by your computer with nothing else better to do then torment parents who have children with something you obviously know nothing about at all like I said go to a DAN conference then talk to me .Its funny how ppl like you have so much to say about vaccines not being linked but yet wont dare take the time to go to a DAN conference hmmm i wonder y maybe because then u will have to admit you ignorance to the facts.sorry to say I dont have time to sit hear on a daily basis like you because I do have a child make that 2 who need me but one with autism (due to his vaccinations) to care for so therefore unlike you.I tell you what though dont waste my time until you go to a conference then we will talk because im sure u will be my new best friend once you get the facts..God Bless you I will pray for u.

  • Sheena

    It makes me very suspicious as to why there was such a rush about getting the vaccine out!
    The clinic in town opened today. People drove from larger towns to my small town hoping not to wait as long. I overheard a group at supper tonight that had been waiting in line since 10AM… this was at 5 PM… that’s INSANE!!!
    The parking lots at the clinic looked like the circus was in town.

    I do not have children but if I did the last place on earth I would want to take them is a clinic so full of people the line is out the door. I think just being at home is much safer!!!

    I’ve heard the theories of mercury causing autism (and juvenille arthritis as well) but I haven’t spent much time researching the topic.

    I really can’t help but wonder what alterior motives are at play here. I believe there’s something we are not being told. I also believe that if the government is making us panic, there’s probably nothing to worry about. However, if they’re being secretive…. it’s time to ask questions.

    I also can’t help but think what this is costing tax payers. There are massive billboards every 20 feet it seems on major freeways. The newspapers have a number of small ads with a full page ad on the back…. This type of advertising does not come cheap!!!!! And for what… so we don’t get sore throats, diarrhea, or vomit for a few days???

  • @mee01 – Well, since you have responded rather rude, I have no qualms doing the same in return.

    Your child likely would have still developed autism without the vaccine. You are committing a post hoc logical error.

    …huh, you joined today and have no posts…I smell a troll.

  • @Dargon@xanga – do u have a child with Autism who was perfectly fine before the vaccine talking,laughing making eye contact and then nothing………..apparently not..because you dont have a clue

  • Just because many people are vaccinated without problems doesn’t mean that vaccinations are good or safe. Lean to the side of caution and stay as close to natural as possible. My insides tell me that this is a hoax that the drug industry started to make billions of dollars … which they already have and they are still hurrying millions of vaccines on their way as fast as possible. It is inconceivable to realize how much money they will make!

    It was the same with Gardasil. They started with all the commercials … “tell someone … tell someone.” I said to myself, “oh you watch, they are setting the stage for a vaccine” POOF! 6 months later next commercials … they scare parents into getting their daughters vaccinated! The drug companies weren’t happy because they made only a few billions because the vaccine was only geared to a small sector, young females. But wow are they happy with the billions if not trillions they make with the H1N1 vaccine.

    And having said all this, I don’t blame a sole for getting vaccinated. In spite of all the knowledge I have about vaccines, when I read some of the scare tactic the drug companies/medical industry come out with ….. It is SCARY! It almost makes me want to get vaccinated and then I come to my senses 🙂 

  • Where are you getting your facts from? I think you better re-check them, or grasp a better understanding of the circumstances around this thing.
    First of all, the vaccine is only necessary for particular groups of people, so there’s no reason to jump on getting it if you don’t have an auto-immune disease or other complications that would cause death from either flu.
    Second, the H1N1 vaccine has gone through trials, as extensively as the regular flu vaccination (which by the way most likely had less trial time than the H1N1). Don’t believe everything you hear on the media. Pharma companies are not out to hurt the population, and there are very strict federal laws and penalties for those who don’t follow procedure for any reason.
    By the way, if you get sick after the shot you may have an undiagnosed auto-immune disease.
    Reading all of these comments is extremely frustrating, because most of the “facts” are very, very untrue. One fact that may be true is the presence of heavy metals, but there is a reason that are there. I don’t know the exact reason so I’m not going to make up an answer. Sticking to the facts. Your doctor should be able to tell you what’s in it, or at least find out where the shot is coming from and look it up yourself before making assumptions from what the media is saying.
    I may seem like I’m making a lot of this stuff up, but I have an inside scoop in pharmaceutical research, and also living with an auto-immune disease, and I have a very close sibling with autism. Trust me, with things like this it’s best to get all the facts straight.

  • justathoughrt2

    Ok this is not so easy, I mean you’re damned if you do or don’t. right now I’m thinking no but I still have alot of reading to do so untill then I’ll be with my nose in the books. Good luck to you all at what you decide.

  • Another scary thing is the Rockefellers are involved in the Vaccine Industry. They believe the world would be better off if the population was reduced significantly..

  • “There are no fetal tissues in vaccines. The viruses used to make
    certain vaccines are cultured and maintained in human cell lines that
    were derived from a fetus. One of these cell lines has been around
    since the early 1960’s.”

    To say that vaccines contain fetal tissue is like saying tomatoes contain dirt because they were grown in soil.

  • @hipbonesarein@xanga – 

    The combination of a certain genetic makeup and the shots (perhaps combined with other environmental factors) is what raises the risk of autism.

  • I am NOT giving my son this vaccine, nor am I getting it myself. It’s the fucking flu, seriously, yes a few people die from it but it’s NO worse than any other illness. I’m so frustrated.

    I never got the chicken pox vaccine, so I got sick in Kindergarten and I’m FINE! A little itch vs. a shot that could potentially ruin lots of things..I prefer wearing mittens and watching TV for a week :p

  • I’m scared more of the H1N1 vaccine than H1N1 itself. Even without knowing the facts common sense says that if their in such a rush to produce the vaccine, then they don’t won’t have proper time to test it. That should be enough reason not to want to take it. I’ve seen so many stories about H1N1. Some of them are pretty out there saying someone made the virus and sent it to other countries. I don’t know what the truth it but I just no I’m not taking that damn vaccine. I live in a city that supposedly had a lot of cases of infection and deaths (untill WHO website took the information down. I can only question why) and if I haven’t caught it by now then i doubt I will. 

  • @PrinsesAna@xanga – No sarcasm at all, I was merely stating a fact.  I didn’t say that people who have gotten sick after getting the shot are making it up.  I know that some get sick after the shot.  I was merely saying that it’s not the shot that gives them the flu or a cold. 
    You did mention a few side effects, and yes, I know those side effects.  Read a bit more further about them and the next fact that states that one doesn’t get the flu/cold from the shot.
    Soreness isn’t an illness, naturally one is going to be sore after receiving an injection.  Fever is a symptom of illness, yes, but most children have fever after every shot they receive.  I remember giving my children Tylenol or Motrin when they were younger after their immunizations.  Aches/pains… again, symptoms, and yes, symptoms of the flu.  However, LOL, that’s another symptom of receiving ANY shot.  I felt those things after getting a tetanus shot back in ’02.  I had ripped one of my toenails (OUCH) and had red lines coming up my foot.  I knew that I couldn’t have gotten the flu from the tetanus shot.
    I never claimed that I’m a doctor, LOL.  I am a 41 year old mom of 2 who happens to know a bit from reading and experience. 

  • There’s probably mercury in a lot of vaccines, unfortunately.
    However, since I actually know about mercury being in this vaccine, my daughter won’t be getting it and neither will I, not that I should get vaccines anyhow. It’s my husband I worry about now, because more than most likely the Army will MAKE him get it. *sigh*

  • i don’t know what the technical term is, but that vaccine gardasil has aluminum in it.  (i whimpered in pain cause it really hurt. then she told me it was because they put a little aluminum in it)

    i should probably “get the facts” as you say in your entry but i seriously don’t think that getting vaccines hurt you in any way… (and i really don’t believe vaccines are the reason for autism..more like genetics) i’ve gotten them since i was a baby and i’m fine.  i usually don’t get the flu shot because i’m lazy to go to the doctors when i don’t need to haha i do get the flu every year though (i am getting the flu shot this year cause my college offers it on campus).  but all the other vaccines i’ve gotten as a baby have prevented me from getting hepatitis B, chicken pox, and whatever is out there that i could have been exposed to.  the worst thing i ever got was bronchitis.

    also, i think the reason that people get sick is because of the people who do not get the vaccinations…because the virus or whatever it is will mutate from person to person.  SO, even though you got the flu shot you could have easily gotten the mutated strain.  and then…since you and your family got the same flu shot, once you are sick you expose it to them.

  • Of course a flu shot may give you side effects, such as becoming ill. A vaccine is a dead or weakened virus so that when it’s injected in your body, your body can easily fight off the weakened virus and create memory cells to become immune to it in the future.

  • What I don’t understand about the argument over vaccines is how people can blatantly ignore the millions of people who have the vaccines without any negative side effects.  While I don’t trust the Gardasil and am iffy on the H1N1 vaccine, the general infant vaccines seem to cause more good than harm.  I received all the normal infant vaccines and am I autistic?  No.  Everyone in my family received them and we don’t have an autism.  I teach swim lessons and I had a lesson with three brothers, all of them vaccinated (I talked with the mother about this), and one had autism and the other two didn’t.  I also taught a class with twins, one autistic, one not, both vaccinated.  Maybe I’m missing a massive link, but I was under the impression that no one knows the causes of autism, so to say vaccines cause it is slightly erroneous…If I’m wrong, please let me know with credible sources and information because I really would just like this to be clarified.

  • i don’t blame you for getting upset.  everytime i get the flu shot i have gotten sick as well.  this past year i decided i just wasn’t going to get it.  if i got sick then so be it.  i have not been sick with anything like the flu this year.  that doesn’t mean i won’t get it but i have found that you can’t beleive people that just because things are suppose to have one thing in it don’t have somthing that would harm you in it anyway.  

  • @ManoAngeliukai9902@xanga – So all those ppl who get sick after the shot are making it up? Millions of pathological liars huh?

    The flu shot: The viruses in the flu shot are
    killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot. Some
    minor side effects that could occur are

    <li> Soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given<li> Fever (low grade)<li> Aches

    If these problems occur, they begin soon after the shot and usually last 1 to 2 days

    Oh wow I can’t certainly see how someone who assume they are sick with symptoms like that “sarcasm”. On top of that everyone is different and may suffer from different things. So thanks Dr. ManoAngeliukai9902@xanga…all these years those feelings I had after a flu shot were all in my head. God damn it!

  • @PrinsesAna@xanga – The regular flu shot doesn’t cause illness, it doesn’t contain the live virus.  The flu shot doesn’t cause the flu nor a cold. 
    That being said, I would definitely not go for the swine flu shot, since it’s so new.
    We have gotten the “regular” flu shot, though, since my daughter is high-risk.  Neither my children nor husband nor I had ever become sick after getting it.

  • i am scared to death of this vaccine. I warn everyone not to take it. They havent put it through any rigorous testing and have no idea what the long term effects are. The last time they released a vaccine for swine flu i think was 76, it was untested for the same reason as now… they want it ready to go. 13 people were hospitalized and 1 died from the actual flu. 25 people died from the vaccine side effects.

    They are also reporting now that this strain has already mutated, so the shot they are working so fast to push out won’t help you much (read at all).

    I used to get the flu shot every year, and every year i came down with the flu. The last 3 years i havent received the shot and i have gotten through with nothing more major than the sniffles.

    This flu is no worse than a regular seasonal flu. It have infected and killed less people since it appeared than regular seasonal flu does every year. I’m just going to stick to good hygiene and eating immune boosting foods.

  • I agree. It’s sad how uneducated people are.

    For example, thimerosol (as a preservative in vaccines) is perfectly safe, and is only controversial if you’re ignorant. Squalene contains no aluminum, and poses no significant risks.

    And the only information claiming either’s actually going to be in the h1n1 vaccine (in the US) is coming from antivaxxers who aren’t in a position to know.

    The really tragic thing is that that noise is the loudest thing out there.

    Screw that noise.

  • @Dargon@xanga –  Thank you for providing a source for your information.  I read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears and a few government sites regarding aluminum toxicity but the source you provided was much more helpful.  Thanks!

  • First off, when they removed thimerosal from the childhood vaccines, autism did not go down. Additionally, the vaccine regiment delivered in the first six months contains 4 mg aluminum. The same amount a breast feeding baby gets in 2.4 months of breast milk, or a formula feeding baby gets in 18 days worth of formula (source). Individual vaccines contain no more than 0.8 mg per dose. In general the only affect the aluminum has is additional swelling at the injection site.

    I’ve got other issues with the H1N1 vaccine, but the anti-vaccine crowd, like in this article, likes to push a bunch of non-science to evoke fear.

  • Of course flu shots get you sick. Not only would I get a mild case of the cold but I would be all sore at the injection site. Just like with any vaccine they have to use the actual virus in it, so that your body can become “immune” (in someway) to it. Sorry my reply isn’t as great as I would want it to be but I’m tired and in class!

    @Lighthouse_Oceanlover@xanga – Totally understand what you  mean by they push it through too quickly and don’t give it enough research. My friend took seasonique before it was seasonelle or w/e and she ended up with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) as a result of it.  She just recently had a baby which is like a miracle because she was pretty much deemed sterile.

  • Wow.

    When the H1N1 scare was rampant, I started reading about it some and the outbreak that occurred in the 70’s. They rushed a vaccine then too and I remember reading that the only death during the scare was due to the vaccine! (Sorry, no link to article/proof ’cause this was a few months ago, but I’m sure you could find it if you searched for it).

    All the hype about H1N1 is ridiculous though. It’s not any worse than the regular flu. I know several people who had it and recovered just fine. They also were not any sicker than I was when I had the regular seasonal flu earlier this year.

    @Lighthouse_Oceanlover@xanga – Yikes! That really sucks. Exactlywhy I didn’t get the gardasil shot. They pushed it through so quickly and there was no research on it for it’s long-term effects.

    There’s risk w/ all vaccinations. Some are really okay though, but yes, do your research!

  • Most shots are actually causing more bad than good.  I was given the 3 shot series of Gardasil and after 2 shots had twitching through my body and got violently ill, the thrid shot comes and I start having tonic clonic seizures and have been everyday since then.  They say it’s not the shot, that it’s all psychological because I broke my back in a car accident in May, but it started after the SHOT I didn’t have seizures before then, I was feeling rather ok even after the accident but when I got the shot it went and stayed downhill.  It sucks!

    Most shots are now rushed and pushed and no safe.  They don’t study the long term effects!

  • I followed the link to the article.  It seems to be irresponsible reportage by a non-science, non-statistically savvy reporter who can drum up more interest by scaremongering than quoting research papers and proper sources rather than ‘health experts’.

    Its all right going on hunches for oneself, but doesn’t really help anyone.  What would help is pestering drug companies, health authorities and the government to actually perform proper research and publish the results (good or bad) in peer-reviewed journals.

  • H1N1 was a ridiculous scare, blown way out of proportion. The vaccine for it has proven ineffective anyway. Another bogus attempt by Big Pharma to make us into robots. 


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