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Mistakes to avoid if you want to raise a successful daughter

As every other parent, you want your daughter to succeed in life and be happy, which means that you should also think about her future career. Of course, you have to provide her support, both emotionally and financially, at every step of the way, especially when she encounters difficult situations and cannot find a solution alone. In addition, you have the responsibility to give her guidance from an early age to prepare her for disappointment and failure. Yes, we all go through rough times and she must be aware of it. However, when it comes to choosing her dream job, you should let her know that she has the freedom to be anything she wants to be, from a writer to a sergeant and even a female boxer. As long as it makes her feel accomplished, she must overcome any obstacle. The successful entrepreneur Feras Antoon learned many lessons while striving to find his way in the marketing world and knows that determination is the key when it comes to pursuing a specific career. Encourage her to read his guide and find inspiration.

Not teaching her gender equality

Making your way as a woman in today world might prove to be quite challenging. People can be very harsh and unfortunately, discrimination and judgment still represent an issue in society, not to mention about the competitiveness. If your daughter receives a negative answer at any point in her career just because of her gender, do not teach her to accept a No! Instead, you should explain her gender equality meaning that just because other people create barriers for women because they consider them less strong and competent than men, it does not mean that women should accept this belittlement.

Not building her self- confidence

Being successful not only professionally, but also in life requires self-confidence. As a parent, you should not influence your daughter’s confidence negatively by pointing out her mistakes and making her feel incapable. Even though you probably do not realize it now and you believe that your actions have the goal to make her a better person, you might obtain the opposite result.  In the future, even as an adult, she will never have the courage to seize any opportunity that lies in front of her because she lacks confidence in her own strength. Build your daughter social confidence since childhood so that she feels comfortable around people and express her opinions freely.

Not encouraging her independency

You probably want your daughter to remain as close to you as possible because you see her as a fragile and sensitive flower that is just beginning to grow. Well, your concern is understandable, but you have to know when to stop. At a certain age, she must learn how to defend her rights and speak for herself. More importantly, she has to face her own disappointments and obstacles. If you believe that your daughter cannot handle difficult situations only shows that you do not trust her abilities.  You do not want to send this message so encourage her independency and learn how to let go.

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