Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit


The Mom 2.0 Summit has been on my radar for several years now, but it was not until this year that I got to attend.
Why did I never go before? I forgot to get my tickets before they sold out.
Trust me when I say, they run out faster than cupcakes. After putting two, yes two separate alerts on my phone I finally managed to snag a coveted ticket for this year’s event. After attending the Mom 2.0 Summit, I was ecstatic that my alarms worked and I got my tickets.
Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit hotel

Throughout the years, I have attended multiple blogging conferences, but this one was different.
I found the atmosphere of fun camaraderie and professionalism very enticing. In fact, I loved it so much I have already secured my spot for next year’s Mom 2.0 Summit, and I hope that after reading this post detailing my seven reasons to attend, you will participate too.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit car

#1 Location  

It is all about the site.Over the years the Mom 2.0 Summit has become known for choosing the best luxury hotels.
Last year it was hosted at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel, and this year at the Ritz Carlton In Orlando FL. The next conference (2018) is scheduled for Pasadena at The Langham Huntington. As a busy mom to a son with autism, my life tends to be pretty hectic. Although I do get to travel quite frequently, I don’t get to relax. Speaking of relaxing, this year at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando I was able to relax fully. I felt like I was at a spa retreat instead of a working vacation. I sure hope that The Langham Huntington has the same feel.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit columns#2 Conference Size

During my seven years of blogging, I have had the opportunity to attend many meetings. Some were very large with over 2,000 attendees. That can feel very overwhelming to many especially if you are a blogging newbie. Many times, the people you meet, measure the time they give you in minutes, sometimes seconds before they move on to the next person. That lends itself to many missed opportunities and frustration.
Unlike other blogger conferences, the Mom 2.0 Summit size is kept small which in turn helps influencers and bloggers network with companies, brands and get to know each other better over the three-day period. Overall, it feels great to bump into the same familiar faces and chat with people over the course of a weekend rather than repeat your elevator pitch time after time.
Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit dove

#3 Lectures

The sessions are helpful and hands -on more than other conferences. Some conferences aim to teach or simply inspire. At the Mom 2.0 Summit, several of the sponsoring brands had their marketing team reach out to bloggers. By staying small, the brands were able to connect one on one with bloggers on a personal level. I especially loved meeting the representatives from Dove, Best Buy, and Kia Motors. The other brands that were at the Mom 2.0 Summit were also just as pleasant to interact with. The smaller, more intimate setting is also ideal for bloggers to participate and let brands know how they feel about the different products.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit hair
#4 Brands

Compared to its relatively small size this conference had a sizable number of top brands exhibiting products and services. Here again the fact there weren’t that many bloggers facilitated networking and promoted future collaboration. It took this conference to help me realize I was ready to expand my blog into lifestyle blogging instead of focusing solely on travel stories.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit dove

#5 Parties

With the hotel’s top service and beautiful facilities, it wasn’t much of a surprise that the parties were fun. The Iris Awards stood out as a special event to me, as everyone was all dressed up! Although, a few of the people I met said they didn’t like the fact they had to pack a cocktail or evening gown. I usually travel light with a bagful of jeans and t-shirts, so I liked bringing something different along.
Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit prty

#6 Swag

It turns out that this conference is all about the abundant swag! Initially, I was told, that I should stay at the actual conference hotel to get the swag. This information wasn’t entirely accurate, many bloggers in other hotels were able to obtain the same swag.
Many companies put their best foot forward and gave out great swag. Most companies went way beyond the key chain or pen giveaway. I managed to fill an entire suitcase with some formidable loot. My favorite items were Best Buy’s Google home and Gift Cards, Me’s Power Banks and Kia’s Packable bags, speakers and cooling towels.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit best buy

#7 Networking

With all that said and done, conferences are about the connections. I’ve been to several where I never heard back from any company I approached, so I naturally felt like it was a big waste of my money and time to attend. Mom 2.0 exceeded my expectations. The first week I returned home I already got emails from several sponsors that offered me work. By the second week, I had heard back from every brand I spoke to, which in my book showed the serious work approach of brands involved with the conference.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit drink

My takeaway

Overall, my experience was very positive. I rekindled old friendships and forged new ones. I also managed to relax all three days. Like I mentioned before I purchased my ticket for next year’s conference the very first day they were available. They sell out within a day they become available. Set your alarms now for September 6, 2017, if you intend on going next year. That is when the 2018 tickets go on sale.Next year’s conference is in L.A at the luxurious Langham hotel Pasadena.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Mom 2.0 Summit selfie

Have you ever attended  A Mom 2.0 Summit? What was your favorite part? If you did not attend, what has stopped you in the past?

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A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook
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Margalit Sturm Francus

A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook

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