Two Easy Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know


We all have those moments of chaos when packing. Kids are screaming, dogs are barking, or the phone is ringing, and we lose track of where we were. We come back to finish packing and believe we got everything. Then you set out on your trip, and the unthinkable happens when we get to our vacation hot spot. We forgot to pack (fill in the blanks.)

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For the BlogHer17 Conference, I was confident that I had managed to pack for my family and myself successfully.
Imagine my shock, after unpacking at the hotel,  when I realized that I forgot my pajamas. How am I going to sleep in the same room and be decent in front of my son? Luckily one of the brands had the brilliant idea of handing out night shirts as swag. It was perfect to sleep in, and I felt relieved not needing to drop everything and go shopping instead of attending the conference.

This incident got me wondering whether fellow bloggers have had mishaps like mine. Moreover, I  was curious what I could learn from their experiences. As I started asking around, I discovered there were two easy packing tips that every traveler should know. The first was those crucial items like medications needed to be packed first. The second was my realization that a revision of my packing lists was long overdue.
All in all this round of bloggers’ confessions discussing the worse items they forgot to pack helped me not only feel better but convinced me to share the stories and inspire all of you to learn from our collective mistakes.

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#1 Pack the personal items first

I can’t speak for all moms, but I pack everyone else’s stuff first. Selfless as it may sound that means that when I  get to my stuff I am tired and many times less focused.Apparently, other moms have similar fails.

Jana Seitzer from Merlot Mommy recalled how “I forgot my underwear.”
After making a Target run, on the trip, she was ready to go.
She also shared, “I won’t forget my packing list again.”
Underwear is essential! I probably would have run to Target too.

Kimberly Tate from Stuffed Suitcase shared  “I wear contacts during the day and forgot to pack my glasses. Hubby had to overnight them to me!”
Oops, I can relate to this one right here. I too wear contacts and have glasses for the evenings. Luckily, Kim’s husband was able to overnight them to her.

Brittany Deitner with The Flip Side of Zen admitted “I forgot my deodorant when I went to Orlando in June. I Just took lots of showers.”
Forgetting deodorant in Florida, can not only be miserable for you but those around you This would make  a stinky situation.

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Most forgotten personal item- the toothbrush

Allison Silletto from Turtle and Buddy’s told me  “On one trip, I forgot pajamas, contact solution/case and a toothbrush. I had to wear my husband’s clothes to bed (he’s an over packer), shared his toothbrush and used a lot of saline solution in my eyes!”
Thanks, Allison! At least I am not alone on forgetting my pajamas.

Debbie from Mamanista let us know “I forgot my toothbrush. Thankfully, hotels provide them.”
I concur! Toothbrushes can be a bad to thing to forget; no one wants to wake up or walk around with Dragon Breath.

We weren’t surprised to hear that Mariana from Ms.Fabulous, faced the same common issue but she gets extra brownie points for her imaginative solution “I forgot my toothbrush and checked into my hotel after all stores had closed. I had a meeting before stores opened. I ended up using a facial cloth to scrape my teeth and tongue and using tons of breath spray.”

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Whatever you do -Don’t forget your meds

Briana with The Lady Nerd shared “I forgot my medicine on a train trip where we couldn’t stop at a pharmacy. I had a bit of an episode and had just to ‘tough it out.’ Came home and found my medicine sitting out on the counter with a note I had written: “Pack me!” Apparently, my memory works well.”
She honed on two of my worse fears.I dread forgetting medications. But not being able to get to a pharmacy is scarier. Glad you made it home okay

Patty Holliday from My No-Guilt Life shared her major vacation fail.
“I forgot medication once on a trip. Blood pressure meds and needed to run a marathon that weekend. Didn’t think it was wise to go without considering. Had my doc call in an emergency refill for the remainder of the trip, ran a marathon, did not die.”
Can we all agree, that we are happy she got a refill on her meds for the marathon? After all, health matters take precedence over anything else.

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#2 Use updated packing lists

Anyone traveling with kids will tell you that forgetting items they need is bad news. As we all know, kids grow, and their needs continuously change. So updating your packing lists is important!   As the stories below show, forgetting items especially for kids can be even worse.

Kuleen Lashley from My Small World said that her “Worst forgotten item was the baby’s pacifier. It got left in the car. I had to nurse him the entire flight.”
As a mom, I can say this is a sucky situation. No pun intended. I  sure hope that flight wasn’t a long haul.

Kathy Williamson Penney from Penney Lane shared her story, “This past trip to the U.K. that we returned from,  just yesterday.I forgot my special needs son’s fidgets and sensory input items, and they are not something I can just go to any store and buy. He was definitely out of sorts without them, and I felt terrible.” She also shared, “Of all the things to forget other than a prescription that’s the one I’d least want to leave behind. ”
I hear you, Penny! As a mom to a special needs son myself that would be one of my nightmare scenarios.

Teresa from Making it all Work recalled, “I forgot phone charger, and  I had to buy one.”
If traveling with autism has taught me anything, it is that electronics are the second most important item in my son’s life after medications so I would be miserable if that had happened to me. 

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My takeaway

While this time my forgetfulness only deprived me of my pajamas, my experience helped me pick up two easy packing tips. I could not imagine forgetting something important like a pacifier on a flight or medications. I realized that along the decade of our travels our needs have changed. It was imperative I cross and some items that were no longer needed off my packing lists while others needed to be added. Moreover, I understood that it is best when you pack essential items like medications and undergarments first to make sure you have everything.
I hope that after reading this post, you too will be inspired to make your packing lists or review the ones you already have.

What was the worse thing you forgot to pack and how did you manage without it? Share your experience with us.















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Margalit Sturm Francus
A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook
Margalit Sturm Francus

Margalit Sturm Francus

A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook

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