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Terror Attacks: Nine Tips that Can Save Your Life

An uncomfortable topic at best and horrifying to many it is time for parents to discuss with kids tips what to do in case of a terror attack.Mmeorizing and following these simple tips can save your life.
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Sadly, today the world experienced another terrorist attack on British soil. This news comes in the wake of several other attacks in the last two months in Europe alone. For families planning to travel abroad, the idea of facing a terrorist attack is terrifying. The truth is, no one can foresee where terrorism will strike next. However, parents can master nine basic, life-saving tips to teach their kids when reacting to an emergency such as this.

Register with your Local Consulate Abroad

The first thing on any traveling family’s to-do list should be registering with the local embassy or consulate, especially if they plan to stay for longer than a week. This way,  the authorities are actively aware of particular citizens traveling in those countries in case an emergency does occur. Those planning shorter trips should at least know their country’s embassy phone number and address so that they can go there in the event of an attack.

Attach Pertinent Medical Information To Your Passport

Most people underestimate the importance of ensuring medical staff can quickly and easily access critical information during a crisis. With multiple injuries and injured parties, it is crucial for medical staff to understand everyone’s necessities as fast as possible, especially for special needs patients. Parents should aways have papers on hand detailing allergies, blood type, and other valuable information.

Wear a Scarf, Belt, or Band to use as a Tourniquet

This advice might seem like an odd tip, but it is important. Stopping someone from bleeding as soon as possible can mean the difference between life and death. At least one person in the family should learn the proper way to tie a tourniquet, and everyone should wear an item that can quickly be used to stop bleeding and save a life.

Teach Kids to Lay Flat on the Ground Quietly

This tip is probably the hardest to implement with younger and special needs children. It is pertinent that when an attack is underway, kids know to stay on the ground and not move. Parents can practice with their kids, so everyone knows how to react under these circumstances.

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Put Your Phone on Vibrate

One of the worst possible situations in a terrorist attack is one’s phone ringing when everyone is trying to hide or stay quiet. Traveling families should always keep their phone on vibrate so they can still communicate with the world. Parents should teach kids how to whisper into the phone should they need to contact emergency services during an attack.

Learn the Country’s Emergency Number

Many travelers might not immediately realize the fact that not every country uses 911 as their emergency line, like the United States. Calling emergency services can present various challenges as many countries have different emergency systems. When traveling in a different country, everyone should find out the emergency contact number for that particular country and memorize it. That way, everyone can stay calm in an emergency and call the right number.

Be Aware of at Least Two Exit Routes in Venues

Knowing this might be tricky in an auditorium or certain other places. However, in an emergency, it is pertinent to for families know where the nearest exit in the venue is and mentally mark these locations. Everyone should be able to get to the exit as quickly as possible in any venue. Parents should always ask where the exits are in a location if they can’t immediately find them.


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Be Aware of People Around You

This tip can be difficult for traveling families who already have a lot to watch out for, especially families with members who have special needs. However, everyone needs to pay attention and be on alert for any signs, like people wearing thick jackets in hot weather. People should be the first line of defense and note anything unusual, and should not be afraid to call the authorities to let them know of anything strange. Everyone should also trust their gut feeling – if a situation seems dangerous, it might be best to leave it quickly and alert the authorities.

Stay Away from the Center of Crowded Spots

Anyone traveling runs into crowds at one point or another, but these can be prime spots for attacks. Traveling families should always try to extricate themselves from the center of crowded areas. It’s also best to try to stay as close to nearby exits as possible so that everyone can leave immediately during an attack.

None of these tips are an exact preventative science. There’s no way to 100% prepare for a terrorist attack and prevent injury or death in such a situation. However, many of these tips can make the difference between being a survivor and a victim of a horrible incident.

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Have you talked to your child about terrorism? What tips do you have for traveling families in the wake of these attacks?


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A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook
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Margalit Sturm Francus

A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook

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