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Teacher Bullys

In response to the post – When the Care Givers are Bullies : 

Bravo!  I think it is very important to bring this issue “out of the closet”.

I am a full time teacher and have been blessed to work with people on the spectrum for over 30 years.  

Another reason why I represent Legal Shield is because of all the horrible realities I have witnesses from neglect at IEP’s to verbal (I have never witnessed physical) abuse in and out of the classroom.

You are absolutely correct that we are no better than the church because of how hard it is to fire people and the lack of effective and efficient supervision of teachers.  What has really been devastating is the effect of the economy on schools and teachers losing their jobs.  The problem is those who lose their jobs are the newer, often better trained and energized individuals.  I have watched so many bad teachers keep their jobs over the last few years and great ones let go.  I believe we should have our unions, however, I do not believe in Tenure.  Or we need to revamp our tenure system so that someone does not earn it for at least 10 years, not the 2 or 3 they earn it under the present system. 

It’s is appalling that the other adults in the room did not lose their job.  I am so sorry you had to witness such a horrifying reality and I can’t even imagine what your son has gone through.  People, especially children have such overwhelming challenges in a world that often does not make sense to them.  The minimum they deserve is love and respect and those are two gifts we can give freely as we are all born with an abundant heart.  We as adults must leave our life, issues and baggage at the door each day when we go in to teach the most beautiful assets we have in the world, our children, ALL children. 

Thank you for having the courage to bring this information to the world.  We need to have this discussion every day until all children are safe.


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  • I don’t think getting rid of tenure will fix the problem, it is deeper rooted than that (I’m a teacher too).


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