Finding Unity Within The Autism Community

These past several years the Autism Community has grown exponentially.  

But like any growing community there are differences of opinion, and people will have a strong passion about what they believe in.

While at the National Autism Conference one message remained clear in my mind, the fact that the Autism Community must have a unified voice, and that organizations must meet together to build on each others strengths.

It was refreshing to hear from Autism Society Chairman Dr. Jim Ball who said, “It’s time all Autism Organizations increase their collaboration and define the areas in which we all will work together to improve lives.

When launched 4 years ago we’ve always wanted to collaborate with all organizations to help the Autism Community.  We’ve been working hard to help promote their goals as best we can.  We are pleased to share that every organization we’ve worked with is wanting this same purpose.

It’s been an eye opening experience working with the Autism Society and Autism Speaks, two of the largest and well known organizations that help families dealing with Autism around the world.   We’ve also been working with many other organizations, helping spread their vision as well.

Each organization has it’s own strengths, and it’s own purpose, but the ultimate goal for all Autism organizations is to help families dealing with Autism.

This fall, Autism Society President Scott Badesch has called for an Autism Summit.   This Summit is to “bring together leaders of national Autism Organizations to discuss and agree on a series of collaborative efforts to significantly advance the dignity, self sufficiency, autonomy and independence of all individuals on the autism spectrum.

We know that there are some families that don’t care for certain organizations, for whatever reason.   It’s time we cast aside our differences and focus on what we can do with the strengths that each one of us have.  Either as an individual, or an organization – we must find that unity within our community and declare with one voice the message that Autism effects all of us, and that those with Autism need as much encouragement as possible to be the best person they can be.

We will be working on ways to ensure that your voice be heard through these organizations in the coming days and weeks.   By blogging on Autisable we want to make sure that you have a place to share with others your journey, and encourage others with the same challenges that we are Able to tackle the puzzle of Autism.  

We look forward to sharing with you the outcome of the collaborative efforts with these organizations and invite you to join us in Tackling the Puzzle of Autism by starting a blog on Autisable and sharing your journey.

Feel free to leave a comment or question below, and how you may help us unite the Autism Community to tackle the puzzle of Autism.

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Joel Manzer
Husband to an Amazing Wife, and Father of a Child with Autism. Founding Lead Editor of this site called Autisable. Click here to join Autisable!
Joel Manzer

Joel Manzer

Husband to an Amazing Wife, and Father of a Child with Autism. Founding Lead Editor of this site called Autisable. Click here to join Autisable!

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