An Avalanche of Funding for Autism Science

The Autism Science Foundation is kicking off our month-long fundraising campaign “Recipe4Hope” –  Every dollar donated to the campaign will go directly to fund pre- and post-doctoral autism research fellowships to expand our understanding about what causes autism and to develop better treatments.

ASF has funded just under half a million dollars in pre- and post-doctoral student research in the past two years. Ongoing donor support for this program through the Recipe4Hope campaign is critical. The pre- and post-doctoral fellowships encourage the brightest young scientists to devote their careers to autism research. These research grants are already having a real impact on the field and we need your support to continue these discoveries.

We all know that autism research takes a lot of people, working together, to find the answers. We need the discoveries of the brightest scientists. We need the knowledge and experience of parents. We need donations to fund this critical research.  All these efforts snowball into lasting hope for children, teens and adults. You can be part of this avalanche of funding by – showcasing the Neiman family of Colorado building a snowman and playing together in the snow.  We know you will love watching this family work together to achieve their goal,   just as we must all work together to achieve ours.


After the shoot, we talked to Laura Neiman about why she volunteered for this project. “I’m so thankful that my family was a part of this video,” she said. “I hope that our participation will inspire others to give to this worthy cause.

This fundraising campaign will take place exclusively online through December 31 and there are lots of ways to get involved beyond making a donation. You can help spread the hope by posting information about the campaign on your Facebook page or even sending us photos of your family making snow angels or having fun together at other outdoor activities. Check out this great list of ways to get involved in this campaign – Spread Hope.

As a special bonus, anyone who here to set up a page – if you get stuck or have questions email us at

From the ASF Team to you – happy holidays! Thank you for your ongoing support. Together we can build a lasting Recipe4Hope!


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Guest Submitted Post

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