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The first Grace App Workshop is now on Video for you to watch and learn online!

Would you like to learn more about enabling a non-speaking person to communicate with Grace App? Well finally, after 6 years I have a set of 3 short and easy to follow video lessons on line..

Finding out you have a pupil, child or other family member who needs help with communicating can be very overwhelming. Believe me, I have been through it twice!

Whether you are a parent, significant carer, therapist or educator; it isn’t always easy to get training. When I was told that I had to “go off and learn pecs” in order to help my daughter it seemed like an impossible task.

We were a newly diagnosed, newly arrived family with no support network; barely able to manage our kids’ and their special needs ourselves, let alone expect anyone else to take over so I could go off and do a 2 day course. I did find a way and it was very worthwhile but I have always felt there had to be a better way.

With resources stretched to the limit many people find themselves needing help to be able understand and support their kid’s developmental needs, and not being able to get away from home – because their kid needs them too much.

Family members although willing, may be as ill equipped as you as to how to “mind” your loved one and in the early years of diagnosis, you probably don’t have home help or other kinds of respite.

So I am delighted to have the first 45 minutes of my “Guide to Grace App” workshop available to watch online. The nice people from CATTS Ireland have set up a web learning portal which you can sign in and access at your leisure and you even get a certificate of completion!

All the courses (including mine) are online right here.

It’s a €5 to sign in but my portion of that goes to As I Am Ireland; an excellent organisation aiming to make the world more inclusive for people with Autism and their families.

Therapists; there are a lot of new Apps out there and it is hard to find the time to learn about every one. So here’s a chance to do it over your coffee break. Be sure to let us know what you think too.

Please share my preview above on all the things!


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