Easy Sensory Stations for Toddlers

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I love things to be neat, clean, and tidy. After having my daughter I had to concede that kids will be kids and that comes with messes. Messes can be fun, and as a toddler exploring her world I want BabyCakes to be able to have time exploring freely even if it causes a mess.

When cleaning up those messes I have to be particularly careful of what products I use. I don’t want her playing on surfaces cleaned with harsh chemicals, and her pediatrician has recommended sulfate-free laundry detergent for the whole family because of her eczema. Currently we use the new sulfate-free all® Fresh Clean Essentials™ Fragrance Free.
Because it is very easy to acquire way too many toys I like to take a less is more approach to playtime with BabyCakes. It’s fun to re-purpose toys and household items for different kids of play. On weekends I like to make up sensory bins for her to engage in solo exploratory play. Creating a DIY sensory station is a easy.
Dry Station Recommended Items: 
Uncooked rice, beans or pasta
Squishy toys
Squeaky toys
Fuzzy toys

Wet Station Recommended Items: 
Mini water balloons
Sponges or sponge paint brushes
Bath toys

For both the wet and dry sensory stations lay out a plastic table cloth on the floor. This makes for easy cleanup. You can skip this step if you are able to have your sensory play happen outdoors. This particular spring day was very rainy so we brought the play inside. 
Use two separate bins or bowls to hold your items. For more than one child you’ll want a container that is more horizontal. 
I do not recommend doing dry and wet stations at the same time. That usually results in everything being a wet station. 
These stations provide a fun time with items from around the house. They also encourage solo play time.

Knowing that I have sulfate-free all® Fresh Clean Essentials™ on my shelf I don’t mind some messy play, including the occasional bib free popsicle.

Because you can purchase all® Fresh Clean Essentials™ online at it couldn’t be easier to keep it in stock. Pick up your Fragrance Free or all® Fresh Clean Essentials™ Fresh Scent today for powerful clean without the harshness, and to preserve the color of your clothes.

Be sure to follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly.
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How Date Night Makes My Wife and I Better Parents

How date night makes my wife and I better parents

With the boys being gone and Lizze feeling better, we’re going to make it a date night tonight. We never really go anywhere but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice relaxing evening, with some pizza and Netflix. 

It’s so important that as parents, we take care of ourselves first, our partner/spouse second and the focus on the kids.  

That may seem counter intuitive but it really isn’t. 

We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of anyone else.

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The Lighter Side of #Autism 

The Lighter Side of #Autism 

Most of is know that Autism parenting can bring with it many, many challenges. It’s exhausting and frustrating as well. 

That being said, there are also moments of peace and tranquility, where everyone is getting along. 

I can sit back and relax for a minute because in these moments, everyone is happy and at peace. I refer to this as the lighter side of Autism. 


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