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Be Helpful

Be helpful to one another in the world have love for all Don’t pass burden Don’t give judgement In each relationship doing more the other well and forgive being under dance of being insecure Believe doing well will lead to better world because it will Bad behavior a result of being unloved Love, Sarah

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Best Self

Begin each day with saying all is well with yourself and you set the intention yes. You can be your best self that way That when you say I am not good enough or made well enough but dumb thoughts yes can drive you mad. Yes you are dear soul when you were created understand […]

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Seeing Us With Purpose

Seeing us with Purpose When we are dancing with Autism in our own way Don’t worry You will understand us better if you see us doing our dance with purpose And not because of some problem We are different Each of us And wish to be seen as so You can help each of us […]

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