Show#325 Interview with Peter Fifoot Young Man with Autism

Please join us tonight at 8:00 PM EST where your Host Paul Cimins talks with Peter Fifoot a young man with Autism who is truly an inspiration to us all. He is paving the way for the autism community.He has dreams and goals of being a broadcaster and he shares that with you and after listening to him you can see he has a very bright future in the industry at such a young age. He gives us insight to his many talents and abilities.So sit back a relax and enjoy the Interview.



I have been through many obstacles throughout my life. My life has been a bit more challenging than others due to my disability. When I was 2 years old, I was diagnosed with autism. I had problems communicating with others because first I was mute and then I would stay on one topic and not change conversations. Another problem I had was with pacing back and forth and flapping my arms when I thought of something. The district of Jefferson wanted to put me in special education but my parents fought the district and took them to court. My parents settled and I have never been in special education. I learned to read when I was 3 due to intense therapy and have always been an intelligent and energetic young person.However, I was not always adept socially. So my parents had me take ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy programs. This taught me life skills from eye contact in conversations to holding doors open. It has really helped me socially and as a young man. I have also grown more socially than neurotypicals my age. This may explain why I have numerous friends who are neurotypical and participate on track, cross country and basketball teams who all consist of neurotypical players. My hopes and dreams are to be a criminal defense lawyer or to be a commentator for a sport on a major station or be a commentator for a sports team, particularly football



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