Guest Post Guidelines

We are always looking for stories that will help promote what life is like with Autism.   So, if you are someone with Autism – we welcome you.   If you are a Parent or Caregiver – we welcome you. If you are a professional, we welcome you.   Ok, we pretty much welcome anyone to share their Autism journey with us.

But there are a few guidelines to submit a guest post.  After all, we do screen content and want to make sure that the Author who submits the post is put in the best light.

So, without further adieu, here are the guidelines for acceptable guest articles. Please read them carefully, as it will ensure your experience sharing your journey will be a pleasant one:

  • Must be original content.    We do share content from hundreds of Autism Bloggers and Non-profits, so if you’d like to have your blog reviewed and to be included on our list – please let us know.  However, our Submission form is for content that hasn’t been published before.   We will make sure it’s original as part of our process, and thank you for taking the time to share with us your original story.
  • Agreement to Relinquish all Rights  –   Since you’re our Guest, this is to let you know that by submitting your post to us – you allow us to share your story through any of our various marketing channels.  These channels may include various Non-Profit and For Profit organizations.
  • Autisable May Edit Your Article  – Just remember that families and those who are professionals regularly view our site, and we want to put those we highlight on our site in the best possible light.   In this regard, we may change the structure, keywords, grammar, or omitting or adding sections to match the flow, voice, and message of our site.  Although we do minimal editing, as it’s really your story, we just want to make sure you know that such things as curse words, vulgar/hate language, etc… will most likely be omitted.
  • Photos/Videos –  Must be Original or have a Creative Commons license. Having them already optimized for the web (or social media friendly) is a major bonus.   Also, again, please keep them family friendly.
  • Autisable May Reject Your Story –  Although rare, this may happen.  While we appreciate you taking the time to share your story, we may not post it for a multitude of reasons.   Please don’t take a denied post personally.   It may just be that we didn’t think it would work for us at that time, or we just have a lot already going on and we may just have missed something.   Try rewriting and resubmitting a post after some time has passed.
  • Advertising –  We operate because our advertisers and sponsors have a heart for the Autism community. Be aware that advertising of any kind may be on the same page as your article and is done without compensation to you, the author.  We encourage you to visit our advertisers and sponsors and thank them for supporting our community.  If you have constructive feedback about an advertiser, please let us know.  We are always working with them to make sure they know what is working – and isn’t working – on their efforts to promote their products to the Autism community.
  • E-mail Address Required when submitting your story, and this will be kept confidential.  By submitting your e-mail address, we will be able to touch base if there is an issue with your story.   It will also be assumed that you agree to be included in our email mailing list.
  • Giving Credit – now that you’ve read all this and want to submit a story, what do you get out of it?   Well, we offer up your name and a URL, and us sharing your story through all of our channels.  If you want to remain anonymous, that’s ok as well.  Just make sure you note at the beginning of your submitted story.

Now that you’ve read all of this – it’s time to Submit your Story….  Just click the Button….

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