Enjoy Fun in the Sun Safely

I can’t wait for Spring! I’m ready for longer days and sunshine! However, if you’re planning on enjoying some fun in the sun, you have to do so safely. Here are ways we stay safe and our tips for special needs sun protection.

Fun in the Sun

    We love to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We enjoy being able to fish and swim, and comb the local creek beds for creek glass and pottery. Sadly, a few years ago, a troublesome spot on my husband’s face turned out to be skin cancer. And all because he refused to cover up. I’ve always plastered myself and our son with sunblock, but hubby has always refused.

So What are We to do?

    That’s easy. Protect yourself and loved ones from the sun! When choosing summer clothing, try opting for shirts, shorts, or rash guards that have built in UVA/UVB protection. Liam happens to love rash guards because of the silky feeling. I love them because they’re keeping his skin safer from the sun’s rays.

ALWAYS Wear Sunblock

    Every bit of your skin should be covered with sunblock when heading outside. Whether your skin is exposed or not, the sun’s rays can penetrate clothing, so you still need to slather on some sunblock. I happen to love Sunblocz Baby + Kids.

Don’t Leave Home Without Sunblocz Baby + Kids

This sunblock is an all natural mineral sunscreen that offers an SPF of 50+. It also has the highest amount of zinc oxide compared to other kids and baby brands. (Sunblocz has 24.5% zinc oxide.) Not only that, but the ingredients are things that you can pronounce, and actually know what they are! It contains Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, and more. These all natural ingredients are safer for your children, babies, and your entire family in general. Oh and Sunblocz is a Licensed Natural Health Product (NPN) by Health Canada and FDA Registered.

Tips for Fun in the Sun Special Needs Style

  •  Find clothing your son or daughter can tolerate. Whether it has UVA/UVB protection or not, it will still keep some sun off of their precious skin.
  • Never leave home without sunblock! We lather up before we leave, and reapply frequently. (Most sunblocks need to be applied every 80 minutes whether you’re swimming or sweating.)
  • Use your smart phone, or a children’s visual timer and set it to remember to reapply. This will help your schedule loving children know when it’s time to reapply, as well as helping them become a little more proactive in their self care. 
  • Find a hat or sunglasses your child can tolerate. EYES CAN GET SUNBURNED TOO!
  • Always pack cold drinks. Many of our kids are super picky so not all convenience stores or supermarkets will have a drink that they like. So grab a reusable bottle, and pack your own!

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I am a SAHM. I prefer domestic goddess, but whatever. My son Liam is autistic and is the child I was told I would never have. He is MY MIRACLE! These are our stories.


I am a SAHM. I prefer domestic goddess, but whatever. My son Liam is autistic and is the child I was told I would never have. He is MY MIRACLE! These are our stories.

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