6 Simple Tips for Brightening Your Own Space this Summer

6 Simple Tips for Brightening Your Own Space this Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like most people, then you’re anxiously waiting for it. However, before the high humidity and hot temperatures arrive, you may want to fill your home with all the things that can make it look brighter for summer.

Embrace the outdoor living space

If you have an outdoor space – patio, garden, or balcony, it’s time to start using it. Even with just a balcony, you can still take advantage of summer’s sunshine and fresh air. Get a patio chair accented with a weatherproof pillow and a colorful outdoor rug to transform your outdoor space into an inviting sanctuary. You can also add a window box on the railing to bring more green to your space.

Let the light shine inside

One of the easiest ways to brighten your home during summer is to open the windows. However, they have endured a lot during summer, and most likely dirt and grime have built up over the last few months. Therefore, you should consider professional window cleaning to let more sunlight into your home and make your home a brighter and cheerful place.

Minimize the window coverings

Your current window coverings may trap more light than you want to bring in during summer. But you can change this by using light-colored and lightweight curtains to make your windows feel airy. Therefore, if you normally have dark or heavy curtains hanging, you may want to swap them out. Doing this will also make you feel refreshed and ready for summer.

Use mirrors

Mirrors can add brightness to any room. You will find several framed mirrors, and you can use them as a neutral piece of decoration. Hang mirrors close to the windows and doorways where the light gets into your home. The mirrors will use this light to make your home feel lighter and brighter. What’s more, these mirrors will make the rooms look larger.

Elevate your furniture

Your heavy furniture won’t make it easier for you as you try to make your home feel airier. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new set of furniture. Instead, you can simply add new legs to your dressers and couches. By lifting them off the ground, you will help add more breathing space around your furniture. You can start by swapping out the clunky coffee table and desk for something that will carry the weight of your furniture.

Decorate with flowers

Nothing is able to show off the best of summer than flowers. Therefore, bringing in some blossoms in your home will make a room look brighter. You can start by switching out the winter scented candles with sweet-smelling lilac to make your inner space feel more positive. However, flowers can be expensive, and that’s why you shouldn’t place them all in one spot. Divide up a bunch of them and spread them in different locations consistently.

Bottom Line

Summer is the best time to enjoy a breeze, sunshine, and a cup of matcha tea. By making just a few adjustments, you can make your home brighter without breaking the bank or spending too much time and energy. Light, color, and blossoms are enough to transform your home this season.


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