Why Me?

Amy Lennard Goehner said it best, “The “typically developing” siblings of autistic children are, in fact, the furthest thing from typical. Often, they are wiser and more mature than their age would suggest. And they have to be, given the myriad challenges they face.”

I wanted to share this poem with you written by a very strong, loving, and much wiser then his years young man. He is Ammanuel Rufael an autism worrier! Having a brother and or sister with autism can also teach you many things. Hope love and understanding.

Ammanuel Rufael

Why Me?

I asked God, “Why me? Why do my brother
and sister have autism?” Going to places is
hard, people starring at you looking at
them like they’re stupid, but they’re not. I
asked my mom why are people starring at us
She said two words, “So What.” One day
she said to me, “Why not us?”
I realized that day how blessed we are.
We swim, we play , we walk, and
we have fun together. In their
eyes they’re in a different world.
I love their world.
They teach me many great things
even though they can’t communicate
as well as others.
They are really smart. They
can solve so many big puzzles,
ride bikes, and can even read.
I love my siblings, I always have
and I hope one day they can talk.

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Tatiana Mendoza

2 thoughts on “Why Me?

  • This was beautiful! Some people have a hard time understanding that they can still think and feel like any other human being can… they just process and interpret it differently. I wish I couldn’t see the world the way my daughter does sometimes.


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