Dreams of a Million Dollars

I have no clue what made me think of this idea, but I thought I would share what I would do if I won a million dollars and could use it on anything, tax-free.

I’d give $10,000 to my church; I feel like they are family and show God’s love to others well. I find comfort and joy in attending and purpose; I really think they would put the money to good use..

I’d give $20,000 towards each of my siblings (4) college education. They all deserve a chance to pursue what they want, and this would help. It would be an investment in their futures, college educations would help them get careers.

$10,000 would go to the Autism Society of Tidewater. They help me and many others in the community. Also, they treat everybody with respect, whether you’re on the spectrum, a parent, a professional, or anybody else. I think they could use the money and I’d really like to see them be around for a long time.

I’d set another $100,000 aside for furthering my own education the rest of my life and training.

The rest I’d use to open my own autism center.

I’d provide daycare/activities for all ages and levels of functioning at a sliding scale rate. I’d also like to employ as many people on the spectrum as possible, from everything from computer services to building to cleaning. I’d pay people to give lectures in some meeting rooms open to the public in areas of their interest. (not necessarily on an ongoing basis, but I think it would provide pride and show people in the community how people on the spectrum can be talented) I would also hire a staff for people to receive help from, ranging from therapists to OT to educational consultants at prices affordable to community members. I would also try to make a library area where people could go to relax and make it sensory friendly. I’d also hire people to work at a café there that served a delicious menu with GFCF options, so people could have jobs and families could have somewhere to eat when they have appointments. I’m not entirely sure *how* to do all this, but I think it would be nice.

(yes, yes, one can dream)

 What would you do with One Million Dollars?
Brandy Wilson
I am a Christian with Asperger's Syndrome, Septo Optic Dysplasia, and Bipolar Disorder.
Brandy Wilson


I am a Christian with Asperger's Syndrome, Septo Optic Dysplasia, and Bipolar Disorder.

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