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If you are headed to Disneyland in Anaheim California, make sure to check out the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Resort. Located at 1460 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California 92802, you and your family will be minutes away from the happiest place in the world. We recently stayed in one of the 467 rooms and found it to be family and autism-friendly. 

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim the hotel entrance

What works for families

One of the first things I noticed, was the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Resort offers free Wi-Fi. When I am traveling with my son with autism, this is an essential selling point for me.

Furthermore, the proximity to the Disneyland  Main Gate was convenient as were all the budget-friendly dining options within walking distance.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim lobby seating

What doesn’t work for families

Well, one of the only things that I found that would not work for families is more of a safety concern for young children. All the room corridors are outside and very long. Rambunctious kids could potentially fall unless watched closely. If I had young children, I would ask for a ground level floor or first story.

The second thing that does not work well for families is the lack of a complimentary breakfast. When headed to Disneyland, parents will have to stop somewhere else for breakfast. The only saving grace here, is there are a lot of local places to eat. Pizza Hut, IHOP, Denny’s and Panera Bread are just a few examples.

As like in all Fairfield properties there’s  no bellman to help with luggage.However, there were plenty of carts for guests to use to get their luggage to the room.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim luggage carts for guests

Accommodations we asked for

First I called before I booked to make sure they could provide us a quiet, and feather free room. Those requests were not a problem.

Secondly, I asked for early check in at noon. Yes, there is a fee for this, but I was willing to pay for it. I was told this would not be a problem. Well, when we arrived at noon our room was nowhere near ready. So we were not waiting for four hours, the front desk offered us some coupons to Panera Bread, which worked well for us since we were hungry.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim shot from eighth floor


The Fairfield Inn Anaheim lobby decorated in hues of blue had several areas to sit and chat. Not many hotels have a kid sitting area in the lobby. It is very close to the front counter, so parents can check in a while their kids play. Our son with autism loved the rocking chairs by the entrance.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim lobby blue round sofa

Fellow travelers

This hotel caters to the nearby theme park goers so expect to see a lot of families and couples that are headed to Disneyland.


Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim room view

Our room

When we first arrived in our room, the first thing I noticed was the wall behind the two queen beds. It was a mural of Disneyland that had reds and blues to break up the images. They included the Castle, fireworks, and Hollywood Studios.

Both queen sized beds were very comfortable. The sheets were very soft, and there was a nice soft comforter too. There was a nightstand in between the beds that included a phone, lamp, and Sony alarm clock. We liked that both standing lamps had incorporated outlets to juice up electronics.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim room lamp with outlets

Across from the beds, the room featured a  four -drawer dresser which had a 40-inch Smart TV on top. Equipped with the Smart TV feature, it enabled guests to catch up on their Netflix, and Hulu shows.

The work area sported a honey-colored wooden desk with a black leatherette chair for the desk. The dark wood flooring gave the room a clean and modern look. Completing the room furnishing was an oversized armchair near the window.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim queen sized beds

The window area

The room’s window partially opened to the outside corridor and offered a view of the Disneyland park. It can be a good vantage spot for noise sensitive kids to watch the nightly fireworks.I was pleasantly surprised by the three-panel curtains. A standard light curtain, and two heavy curtains to block the light.
Less pleasant was the room’s  air conditioning system that was placed under the window and unfortunately blew directly over the beds.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim outdoor walking corridor

The bathroom 

The Fairfield Inn Anaheim bathroom was comprised of two areas- the actual bathroom and a multipurpose one. The left side encompassed a closet area separated by a curtain as well as a coffee machine, mini fridge and safe that located in a drawer.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim closet area

The right side housed a sink and stone countertop vanity. The amenity kit provided by Paul Mitchell included soap, bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner.


Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim kit

Separated by a locking door, the tan tiled bathroom had the commode and shower tub combo. The shower had a curtain and  a grab bar which made it safe for kids. However, the lack of a handheld showerhead makes washing younger kids tougher for parents.


Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim pizza hut on third floor

The marketplace

Though the hotel chain doesn’t provide a complimentary breakfast, the property does have a marketplace on the third floor. The venue sells Seattle’s coffee, Pizza Hut items as well as a plethora of pastries, cut fruit, and cereals.


Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim coffee area

Hotel Amenities

The property has a good sized outdoor heated pool as well as a  whirlpool jacuzzi. Both are open from 8 am to 10 pm, and towels are provided.The modest gym featured multiple free weights, as well as stationary cardio machines.
Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim cardio machines

For antsy kids, there is an arcade filled with games on the third floor. We stopped by here, and our son had a blast.

The Sundry convivence store is worth mentioning since it was well stocked with a vast assortment of snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim kid arcade


Considering this hotel is right outside of Disney, the prices here are very manageable. When I stayed in February 2018, the rooms started around the $150 range. However, rates do vary depending on the season and various events in the area. Self-parking and Valet parking are both $19 a day which are comparable to the 20$ Disney charges its visitors.

Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim sundries hotel store


Overall, we found the service excellent. Even though we had a rough start with our room not being ready, the staff made sure we were happy.


Family Friendly Fairfield Inn Anaheim rocking chairs

Autism Travel Tips

  • If traveling with someone with autism, ask for a quiet room.
  • Families with young kids should ask to stay in rooms on the ground level floor.
  • Parents should bring an anti-slip mat for the tub. Also, be sure to bring a nightlight since the light in the bathroom is on a timer and will not stay on all night.


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A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook
Margalit Sturm Francus

Margalit Sturm Francus

A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook

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