I’ve chosen to focus on the blessings 

Last night ended with more tension than I liked, but before that, we had a decent evening.

I took everyone to the park and we walked the track. We had to sorta improvise a bit because there’s major construction going on in the park right now. We had to map out a new path and that required walking on a gravel trail for about a quarter mile.

Walking on gravel is just fine for everyone. Everyone that is, except Emmett.

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Emmett will only wear crocs and only do so without socks. Every tiny piece of anything that touches his foot, requires the foot cleaning routine.

We walked about a mile and a half last night. However, it was more like a mile and a half of line drills. I would walk for a little while and then have to double back for Emmett, before catching back up with everyone else.

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I had to carry Emmett on my shoulders for the entire length of the gravel track. Thankfully it wasn’t that long because my back is still out and his additional sixty pounds didn’t help.

Despite the added challenge of Emmett’s frequent need to stop and fix his shoes, he never gave up. Emmett finished the track and I never had to carry him a second time.

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Emmett and I crossed the finish line well after everyone else, but I got to spend some one on one time with him. He held my hand and we just made our way. I won’t be able to hold his hand forever, and I felt blessed to do so yesterday.

The rest of the evening kinda went downhill but I have chosen to focus on blessings. ☺

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Rob Gorski
Father to 3 boys with #Autism, 1 with Fragile Health. Award winning blogger, techy and advocate. #AutismDad @GuardianLocate
Rob Gorski

Rob Gorski

Father to 3 boys with #Autism, 1 with Fragile Health. Award winning blogger, techy and advocate. #AutismDad @GuardianLocate

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