Ways Cruise Lines can Improve Service for Travelers with Autism

More and more families who have children with autism are taking the plunge, venturing out and embarking on cruises. Many don’t have the experience or know-how and would benefit from any help they can get as they plan their vacations. By tweaking their services and adequately training their staff in accommodating families with autism, cruise line companies can help their patrons enjoy their holidays better and increase revenue and gain loyal return customers.

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The adage is that when you’ve met one person with autism you’ve met only one person with autism is true. Of course, every person on the autism spectrum is different and might need customized accommodations. However, there are several accommodations that cruise lines make that would help travelers with autism have a better overall cruising experience. Here are the seven most common challenges that families with autism face and suggestions on how the cruise lines can improve their service.
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A cruise liner is, in essence, a floating hotel with thousands of people. It can be noisy. As some children with autism are extremely sensitive to noise, this needs to be taken into consideration.


  • The cruise lines should set aside quiet cabins for noise-sensitive passengers. These should be away from any noisy spots like entertainment venues, clubs, restaurants, elevators, and housekeeping areas. These cabins should be tagged and known to booking agents who can, in turn, recommend them to potential clients.
  • In theaters, seating away from the stage and loudspeakers should be set aside for those who are sensitive. Also, offering the option of ear plugs or headphones may be a good idea.
  • In restaurants, the positioning of several tables away from the kitchens and busy thoroughfares for families with autism and sensory issues is best.
  • Music in public places should not be blasted at any point.
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Waiting in Line

With so many people onboard, there would be times that venues get crowded and experience long wait lines. For some children with autism, this can lead to meltdowns.


  •  Cruise lines should have particular set times for the boarding and disembarkation process and assign staff members to facilitate the process. Embarkation seems to be less of an issue, but disembarkation is usually quite chaotic. The cruise lines could give families with autism the option of leaving before anyone or after everyone else. If the family chooses to leave after everyone else, it should remain in the cabin instead of wait in crowded public areas until exiting the ship.
  • When it comes to shows;  pre-seating for families to settle down in their seats would also be helpful.
  • Dining aboard cruise ships can be very challenging for some families, especially during the regular dining hours. Hence cruise lines should not only try to seat families with autism quickly but should have designated tables with more space around them, so children with autism don’t feel overwhelmed while eating.How Cruise Lines can Improve Service for Travelers with Autism lines

Diet and Allergies

Many children with autism may have allergies to different allergens in the environment or food. Also, some might have other dietary requirements and specifications.


  • Cruise lines can assign several cabins to be chemical-free, tag them accordingly and make sure that their agents know which ones they are so they can suggest them to potential clients with allergies.
  • In addition, cruise lines should offer more offer gluten-free and lactose-free options on board; in their dining venues as well as on their room service menu.Furthermore, the staff should be trained and know which items are offered.
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Facilitate Communication

Communication onboard for nonverbal cruisers with autism can be incredibly stressful. Whether they are trying to order an item in a restaurant, ask for directions or conversing with housekeeping in the cabins cruise lines should aim to improve communication between the passengers and staff.


  • The company could develop a mobile app with downloadable information on embarkation, restaurants, attractions, cabin, and ship safety protocols.Moreover, this app should include pictures of the different venues of the ship for nonverbal passengers to click and point to the screen when communicating with staff.
  • Cruise lines could provide a pin or ID bracelet to passengers with autism. This would be a discrete way for staff to be able to identify easily and offer help as needed. In fact, a bracelet ID with an incorporated GPS  system in it would be invaluable to keep kids who wander off safe.

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Cabin and Onboard Modifications

Cruise lines strive to offer excellent service to their passengers to ensure that their trip is safe, enjoyable and memorable. They want to make sure that their guests feel secure at all times. However, bearing in mind that people with autism have the different needs, cruise lines should try to tweak some of their current onboard procedures and offerings.


  • Many times travelers with autism when overwhelmed need a safe place to decompress, particularly younger kids. This helps them regain control and prevent meltdowns. Of course, going back into the cabin is always an option but in reality returning to a small somewhat tight space may not be the best. Cruise lines should consider creating a  special therapeutic room with sensory toys that families with autism can use.
  • Since many cruisers with autism are less likely to partake in the ship’s activities and prefer surfing the web and watching movies extending discounts on WiFi packages and movie rentals would be helpful.
  • For kids with autism, the cruise lines should consider providing two crucial items in the cabin to facilitate the stay. The first is a non-slip bath mat in the shower; useful for children who have muscle weakness and are prone to slipping.The
    second, in cabins with very few electric outlets, is a power strip to aid parents in recharging electronic devices faster.How Cruise Lines can Improve Service for Travelers with Autism pin


Here at AutisticGlobetrotting, we hope that cruise line officials will listen and apply these changes. In this modern world of increased autism awareness, cruise companies should also be aware of their passengers’ needs and how they can enhance their customers’  cruising experience.













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A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook
Margalit Sturm Francus

Margalit Sturm Francus

A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook

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  • May 15, 2017 at 8:10 pm

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  • April 8, 2017 at 2:17 am

    Hi, being a fellow cruiser who has autistics children in our wider family I found your piece interesting. What I did wonder is that from all that you mentioned above, do the efforts by Royal Caribbean and Celebrity meet any or some of the points you made? The dietary struggle I get too…obviously there are allergies but I know some kids have sensory issues with food/textures. As someone who is dairy intolerant and recently vegan, I have found Princess cruises much more accommodating with dining than RC. Though I have the added ‘hurdle’ of no egg in my desserts. Oh, Costa Cruises have a vegan menu onboard so they certainly do wide range of non-dairy foods on their ships. Just don’t know if they really sail from the US or is it Mediterranean and South America only.

    • Margalit Sturm Francus
      April 16, 2017 at 12:12 pm

      Hi Sanna,
      Thank you for reaching out and contacting us.
      To answer your question about Royal Caribbean and Celebrity -the answer is yes! These companies are trailblazers when it comes to accommodating families with autism.They offer a wide variety of accommodations that include
      Priority check-in, boarding, and departure
      Special dietary accommodations
      Adventure Ocean flexible grouping by ability and toilet-trained policy exception
      Pagers/phones for parents of children in Adventure Ocean program
      Autism friendly movie settings
      Autism TV Channel programming
      A unique sensory toy lending program.
      A social story that parents can download or print off the website.
      We have cruised with other cruise lines and I am glad to see that some are working diligently to emulate RCCL’s concepts.
      The dietary issues like you pointed out are a bit more complex and from our experience vary from ship to ship even on the same line.
      As for Costa-yes they mainly sail out of Europe and South America but they do have a few itineraries that leave out of Florida to several Caribbean islands.


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