What Leap Frog Did

Leap Frog

for a bit of a huge moment for Heidi that occurred a bit less than an hour ago.

I saw Heidi fully engaged in reading books yesterday for 2 hours, using the Leap Frog ‘Tag’ reading system. We were visiting a friend of Annie’s and his Mum gave Heidi her sons Tag reading system to play with. I was blown away, I’ve not seen Heidi sit for 2 hours solid with anything, even movies she is usually up and bouncing around the house, not just sitting and watching.

So tonight we went out and did bad things with the credit card and got a Tag reading system for her. Of course, we also had to get something for Annie but thankfully she was more interested in traditional books.

After we left the shop Heidi asked for the very first time how we spelled a word! Her first real voluntary interest in spelling, prior to that it has been a really battle to even get her interested in her own name. In fact, I was only just commenting recently that teaching Heidi to spell was probably going to be a very interesting challenge.

So the magic word Heidi wanted to know how to spell?


I sounded it out t t t t what do you think toy starts with and Heidi said ‘T’

:: tears up ::

She got it right!  It was Hi 5s all round

Maybe given that she thinks so differently and is such a strong visual thinker, then maybe just maybe an electronic system like this Leap Frog Tag system really is the way to go.  At the very least it has got her stimulated and thinking about reading in a positive way.

Fingers crossed.

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  • July 21, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Something fun with words are the various Magnetic Poetry kits where kids can make up silly one-liner sentences or stories on the fridge.  The really huge ones are great for putting up words on people’s cars as a surprise. 


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