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All over again

Even though the writing was on the wall, I was in total denial.  When others raised the question, I resisted.  I didn’t make the phone calls, schedule the appointments or fill out the forms.  But finally, after much prodding, the day has come.

Last week, the Little Stinker went in for an evaluation.  This was suggested by his preschool teacher and members of our in-home team.  You see, there has been some question as to if he might also be on the autism spectrum or have some other “issues.”

As for me, I didn’t see it.  Not one little bit.

He is so different than Big Brother.  He was never bothered by noise or stimuli like my older son.  He loved activity and people.  He’s extremely quick and amazingly smart — and just as cute as they come.

Yes, he has some anger issues, but I always thought is was because he just happened to grow up in a war zone of a house.  His attention is a tad on the non-existent side, but again, I chalked that up to him being four.  And I, for one, happened to find the fact that he growls at everyone he meets instead of saying hello quite endearing.

I admit it.  Denial is my friend.

Maybe because I dread the fact of facing another future filled with various doctor appointments, IEP meetings and therapy sessions.  Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

But then I started thinking.  If he does end up on the spectrum, at least I’m prepared.  I’m familiar with every intervention under the sun, many of which I have unwittingly incorporated into his routine out of sheer habit.  I know every doctor, therapist and school — good and bad —  within a 30 mile radius of my house.  So after a few positive affirmations, I had myself convinced that I CAN DO THIS.

After the evaluation, I did have a chance to chat with the psychologist.  And, although we don’t have the report yet, I have to admit that her initial impressions were a welcomed relief.  She said that while his “attentional difficulties”  were pretty obvious, he showed only hints of any autism characteristics.

The team will present their report on Tuesday, but I’m guessing that we’ll be told my little boy has s good case of ADHD with some autism traits on the side.

So, here we go again.  No wonder I’m so tired these days.

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0 thoughts on “All over again

  • Ha ha… my 8 year old daughter growls at people instead of saying hello… All three of my kids tell people, “Don’t touch me” when everybody greets each other at church. *shrugs* Josh likes to hide in the corner by himself at church, not even sitting with us… LOL It’s off to the side, out of the direct line of the speakers… quieter there. Whatever works for him.

  • I remember going through very similar denial with my 6yo daughter last year. As you so rightly point out at least we are prepared. 


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