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“Our wedding date is on 20th August 2010 in Galway.  Unfortunately, my Autistic nephew Sean will be unable to attend our wedding.  Sean is a beautiful 13-year-old boy, very tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and the happiest young man you could ever meet.  Sean will be looked after that weekend by wonderful lady Rosaleen, she takes Sean into her home 3 nights respite every month, so this gives my brother a little break and be able to do stuff with Seans 3 other brothers and we know that Sean will be in good hands while we are at the wedding.”
This is a familiar happening for those of us who have a child with Autism. Our children cannot cope with crowds, noise, new places and a lot more. It is just too much for them.

It may have been that your autistic child could not attend, like Sean. Or maybe the whole family went and your autistic child was unable to cope therefore the family had to go home early. It is a difficult situation where making a decision that is best for everyone is doable, but it is upsetting, you know?

Irene and Ger made a decision that Irene’s nephew would be honored at the wedding, even if he could not be present. They decided to make a donation to Irish Autism Action instead of buying favors for the guests.

Thank you, so much, for that kind thought Irene and Ger. We all hope you have a fabulous day on your wedding day and many, many happy years together.

If you, or anyone you know, wishes to make a donation to the IAA the information is here.


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0 thoughts on “Instead of party favors

  • @irishautismaction – two days after i left this comment my hubby and i attended a wedding and instead of wedding favors they had little cards with information that they have decided to do a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society.  =)

  • i absolutely LOVE the idea of doing the donation! that is fantastic!
    honestly, thank you so much for this wonderful idea =)

    I’ve heard of things too where they ask for donations for a charity apposed to wedding gifts. another good idea =)

    Congratulations on the wedding too!

  • I was at a family wedding the other week. I was OK with most of the people – I was always with family I knew and I had my camera to protect me. The problem I have is the reception, when the music starts I have to find somewhere quiet. Thanks to the very good organisation I was involved right up until the music.


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