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Birth To Three

Well tomorrow Brittany and I have a meeting with the gal from the Birth to Three program. The Birth to Three program is a program that works with kids who have not reached their milestones. It maybe in speech, gross motors, and fine motor and more. They offer speech, occupational, and physical therapy. I started with this program as at first I was concerned with some of the things that Brittany did. I didn’t feel in the beginning her speech was coming along and in the back of my mind I worried about her having autism. I can honestly say from a video that I shared a while back I don’t think she has any of the signs for autism. I feel she is meeting all her milestones. One thing the gal said at the last visit is that Brittany is quite the problem solver. That she is. If she can’t get to it she will figure out how. She says normally she sees more problem solving in boys and she was thrilled to see it in Brittany. Now we just get together after each check up to make sure her progress is going well. I think tomorrow will give us yet another great report. So far she hasn’t needed any of the services. I am very thankful for that. I am very positive about tomorrow. Brittany is picking up words like crazy. I think her favorite words lately are puppy and nemo and of course mommy.

You can tell she is such a mommy’s girl. She has to go with me everywhere I go. If she isn’t with mommy she isn’t happy. The other day my friend stayed here so I could run a couple errands quick in town. Brittany saw me put my shoes on and decided she had to grab the diaper bag and head for the door. Little did she know she wasn’t going with. Another time my Dad was watching Brittany while I was in town. When she realized I snuck out the door she started crying. My dad said she would call for mommy and would cry alot. Here’s the picture:

Birth to Three

If you look close you can see her little crocodile tears! See I wasn’t kidding about her being mommy’s little girl! LOL

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