HRH has been happily, and correctly, counting to ten for quite a while now. He can’t quite say the words yet so it goes something like ‘Wuh, Too, Tee, Foo, Fy, Kssss’ . This is fun for him by the way, it is not me being a pushy Mum who thinks she has a genius child.

In fact, a trip to the supermarket is a great treat because there are lots of numbers and letters, he gets very excited about both. He loves car number plates, street signs and a host of other letters/numbers.

So, where were we? yes, happily (and correctly) counting to ten. *coughs* That changed two days ago. We have been on holidays and there is a slide in the playground near us with six steps. Somehow he has decided that the correct format for counting is in fact ‘Wuh, too, tee, fy, foo, ksss’.

He is 2.5 years old with that combustible heady mix of toddler determination and autistic need for routine and sameness. There. Is. No. Changing. His. Mind. I have tried!

We start at the bottom step and when we get to four I say ‘four’ and he stands perfectly still, in silent protest. He will not move up to the next step. There is a kind of reverse domino effect of toddlers building up behind him and yet he still stands there. The only thing that makes him move is if I say ‘Five’ first and then say ‘Four’.

It could be worse, he could have a tantrum about it. Next week our fabulous Royal Advisor will sort it out, she doesn’t crumble under the toddler stare! Meanwhile, I will keep trying and hope no toddlers get harmed in the reverse domino maneuver.

Wish me luck!

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