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Religion, Culture, and the Epidemic of Autism

We all have bones in the closet and crosses to bear. Religion is supposed to help you find peace within your soul. I am a conservative independent Christian. My family is at peace with the world and death because God gave his only son to die on the cross to forgive our sins. This helps me enjoy the hour or two that Tanner lets me sleep. With the revelation that John Travolta and Kelly Preston were living a lie about their son’s autism, comes many questions. I am not going to focus on their personal pain. I want to pose the question of how can his religion, my religion, and that of our ancestors survive in such a duplicitous state. The religion of Scientology at its heart is a man-centered religion with futuristic twists that came forth from a man named L Ron Hubbard. It is what I call a feel-good religion. Before I get started I should give you a little background on why Tanners Dad can even speak on this subject. My Mother was bombed out of her house in WW2 her family was one of those that were farmed out to the north. I call it shell shocked. She tells stories of feeding the rats in London they were a poor Catholic family. My mother was very intelligent She won a scholarship to school while others went to work. The nuns beat her. They called her evil and unclean. So this left a shell of a woman. Her experience did not give her body and soul peace.

My Fathers family went from the upper middle class to lower class losing everything in the war. My grandfather invented the machine that made the fuel lines for the planes. Towards the end of the war, he had to run it 24 hours a day. It blew up and he had to get a glass eye. My father went from a private school with princes to a job as an apprentice in a foundry. He worked six days a week in the foundry and went all five at night to school. It left just four hours to find my mother. They said money was easy to back and traveled the world, Australia, Japan, China, Canada, U.S. and back to the UK to retire.

Since my mothers experience with organized religion was bad. She rebelled and became an atheist. Sunday was a good morning to sleep in. Most churches provided daycare. So by the time I was 21 I was an active participant in 22 different religions. I mean very active any camp, weekend retreat, trip to DC, CA, or mission field I was signed up for. I have a functional knowledge of just about every religion.

So back to my question. If religion wants to calm and give peace to the tortured soul and body, how can they turn a blind eye to the demise of our world and children? We are poisoning ourselves at an alarming rate. The water, air, food, animals, and children are becoming a toxic dumping ground accumulating the toxins we produce.

In the case of Scientology, they actually have some great ideas about how we should live and care for one another on this earth. They believe man is basically good. The laws of God forbid a man to destroy his own kind. You are actually responsible for the world. They believe that we do not need all the magic pills. The dichotomy comes when they refuse to acknowledge Autism. To the founding father, L Ron Hubbard, Autism was just about nonexistent in the world during his life. The epidemic is now. Now is the chance for Scientologists everywhere to stand up and say their leader was right. A man-made epidemic is upon us. Instead, they have already caught the disease of the established religions… Complacency and Constipation.

This much be torture to all the parents with Autistic children who are Scientologists. The John Travolta admission to the police that his son had autism during the investigation of his son’s death sets you free to stand up and live the directive of the founder. Stand up and tell the world it is time mission of Scientology is to be fulfilled here on earth. We can not go on torturing our children. Look folks the gap is narrowing between Autism and Alzheimers. We must use the brainpower we have left now to reverse the trend.

Now I will just touch on the obvious for balance. The other religions of the world can not avoid this controversy. I know most of mankind are pathetic & apathetic creatures addicted to TV, video games, sports, food, and sex. We are all too fat and happy to exercise, eat right care for ourselves let alone our planet or other children. We are so dumbed down we miss the fact we are poisoning our own children. Protect the herd they shout. They call those waving the flag of vaccine safety and environmental protection crazy. Well, the epitaph for humanity will be short because no one will be left to write it.

God, Man Where are you now? We did this to ourselves. Thank you, lord, for the warning but we were too busy going to church to care about the meek and silent among us.

What can you do today…

If you are a parent… Love your child unconditionally. Do not let your child feel they are any less because they cannot communicate the way we do or look after themselves. Do not forget to look after yourself and your significant other. ( If you don’t have one find one…There is someone out there for everyone. You deserved to be loved also). Join a church. Speak to your friends. Keep up the good fight.

If you are a Friend… If you have resources please consider supporting Generation Rescue as they move the agenda towards services and support programs. If you do not have financial resources provide respite services… Babysit, go with a parent to the grocery store, or running errands. Be there to listen.

If you are in the medical community it is time to wake up and do something…If you are in the insurance industry it is time to make the people responsible pay…if you are in the media it time to tell the truth…If you are in the government it is time act…If you are in education it is time to educate…If you are in a religious community it is time to rally the troops to support families…If you are involved in an Autism group please invite them to join the Move to Heal Autism By 2030 (MTHA)

If you are in the New York City Office of Autism Speaks… remember that $50,000 you took from my community this fall could have helped to pay for my son’s therapy this year.

If you are in contact with Amanda Peet and have a child with Autism invite her over to experience our lives first hand and but out of our children and the future of other children.

If you are impacted by autism (that means you are part of the human race) Join me in the fight. Join cause cast with your own cause or mine. Make a difference in our world. now. State your change! Then make it happen.

If you happen to have some sleeping pills, sleep ideas for children with autism, or want to come to spend the night let me know…. I need a nap.

Say a prayer for all those dealing or not dealing with their “Autism-Like” conditions.

People it is just time to deal with Autism….

Guest Submitted Post

Guest Submitted Post

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