When We Fail on Principle

Who knew that this election we will have two extremely different candidates in the lead running for office this time of year?

I won’t endorse either candidate publicly, and to be honest – I’m not thrilled with any candidate running for office this election cycle.

But, having an election is where we have an opportunity to have a civil rebellion, a means to change our governments direction without bloodshed.

We vote for a candidate by casting our vote for the electorates in our state.  Their is good reason we have an electoral college, as it provides a checks and balance.  Here’s a breakdown of the importance of the electoral college from Prager University:


Now, I was taught early in my life that America is not a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic.  My political leanings are conservative, but I am an independent.

Now, that may cause a stir with a lot of people, as it’s something that goes against their belief or understanding. But, look it up – no where in our constitution is the word democracy.  In fact, the founding fathers of the united states didn’t like that form of government, as it lended itself to mob rule – and eliminating the rights of the individual.

The principle hallmark of a constitutional republic is how it is designed to protect the rights of the individual.

It is in this regard as to why I’m making a blog post here on Autisable.

Bare with me as now a controversial topic is introduced…. 

The State of California has mandated that vaccines be administered to everyone, unless there’s a medical reason.

Now before everyone starts debating about vaccines, please read this whole post before you jump on the bandwagon of discussion on that topic.

Personally I believe that vaccines saves lives, and are beneficial.   But let’s break down what the mandate requires in a nutshell – getting a vaccine is an outpatient medical procedure.

So, let’s rephrase what this really means…

Now, by law in the State of California, it is required to have a series of outpatient medical procedures in order for children to attend public school.

To me, this isn’t about vaccinations at all.   It is about forcing a family or individual to have a medical procedure.   Their rights as an individual are taken away.

Precedence is now set that can require other medical procedures to be administered as well. (I’ll let your thoughts wander on that concept…)

But, for those who want to debate the issue – let me submit the following thoughts:

First, I prefer not to dive into the vaccine/autism conversation – as it’s a waste of time.  This post is about an individuals rights and how the principle of our constitutional republic was ignored.

Secondly, there is not a 100% verifiable test that is currently available to determine if an individual is susceptible to vaccine injury.  The only way a waiver can be viewed/issued is by a doctor who looks at family history and makes a judgement call.   I’d be behind a mandate if there was a 100% way to ensure the safety of the individual.  But there isn’t a way – and thus the risk of individuals being injured is greater.  Remember, vaccines are not 100% safe – some people are injured by them as their body can’t handle it (because, you know… science).  There is also a legal ‘vaccine court’ where claims can be submitted and processed.

Again, the issue here is about the principle of ensuring an individuals rights.

I’ve heard it said that we sacrifice the needs of the few for the greater good.  By practicing this ideology we limit the rights of the individual, which goes against the principles of which our country was founded.

My friends, the needs of the few (the individual), is what our country was founded on.  It is the basis of our constitutional republic.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL men are created equal...”

This is the spirit behind the law that we must remember.  ALL meaning even those who can’t speak for themselves, including but not limited to those with special needs or who could be prone to vaccine injury.

We have failed on principle.   We have failed to protect an individuals right to choose.

Benjamin Franklin was asked what it was that they created, and his immediate response was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.

My only hope is that we are still able to keep it, and that we still have an opportunity to learn from this experience and correct it before it moves beyond the issue of vaccines.


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Joel Manzer
Husband to an Amazing Wife, and Father of a Child with Autism. Founding Lead Editor of this site called Autisable. Click here to join Autisable!
Joel Manzer

Joel Manzer

Husband to an Amazing Wife, and Father of a Child with Autism. Founding Lead Editor of this site called Autisable. Click here to join Autisable!

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