Maintaning Control: Beans, Exercise, and Thinking Aspergers.

I can’t yet put into words how honestly messed up things have been lately. My ability to maintain control is the only thing that hasn’t set me off the deep end yet. But I have been able to see the good in the storm, don’t ask me how I do it but I do. Part of it has to do with the fact that there are eight other people in this house who count on me to drag my happy ass out of bed every day and keep moving regardless of how I feel so I do. So on to other things for now.


Racer is obsessed with fruit, it’s the one thing I can get him to eat any time any day. But beans (seeds) stand in our way. Thanks to a well-meaning comment from my 7yr old he thinks if you eat the seeds from any fruit it will start growing inside of you. But because of how Racer thinks not only can he not eat beans but no one else can either…I mean God forbid that one of us grows into an apple! So that leads me to today when Racer and the daddy partake in an afternoon snack of apples. Now Racer will carefully eat the whole top of the apple without the “wet” part touching his fingers, he will eat it down to the core and never expose the beans. The daddy, on the other hand, must not have heard the “beans story” and ate his apple into the core. Now it’s not like during this whole time Racer isn’t warning him insisting he not eat the beans….with my 7yr old shouting from the bedroom about turning into an apple tree, and me trying to hush everyone. It was like a shouting match for WWE I swear, lol and people outside must think we are insane. Anyways what did the daddy do?!! He ate the freaking beans! After Racer warned him not to over and over again, not sure if at this point in Racers mind he’s in high alert to see if daddy turns into a tree so we’ll see.


So the hubs has been all about getting back into shape….good for him right? He goes walking every day and then comes home and does jumping jacks and push-ups. I’m really proud of him because we are not a great will power kind of family. I’d much rather be doing anything but working out lol. The funny part about this is that the girls…CareBear and PigPen have been doing jumping jacks and push-ups with him. lol mostly just bouncing and some jumping and then late clapping but it’s cute and funny as hell. The push-ups, on the other hand, are a weird form of PigPen with her butt in the air and putting her face close to the floor and CareBear sitting and kissing the floor. lol, I want in on CareBears exercise plans seems easy enough right? But great for the hubs to be working out!! *high fives and slaps on the ass!*

Thinking Aspergers

Now I’ve fought with my paranoia for long enough, sat thinking about how others would perceive me if I even suggested that I thought for a second that PigPen might have Aspergers. But the more I look at it and watch it the more it looks just like it. For the longest time, I thought maybe she was just copying Racer or attention seeking but it’s so much more than that. So we are going to try and get her tested, but going on my gut on this one its Aspergers.

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Guest Submitted Post

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