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Aspergers syndrome My counselor at school and me are thinking of forming an organization to support people with Aspergers, depression, or other forms of supposed, “mental illnesses.” The problem is, I can not think up of a good name for it.

So, I ask that the Xanga community come up with a good name, or several dozen names or as many names as you can for an organization that will bring more awareness to the issue of Aspergers syndrome in society and how to best cope with it,

Below are the purposes and goals, visions of this organization (rough draft):

A Club for Asperger students and others who are marginalized in Sheridan College. 

Name for Club/Organization:  ??????

Vision:  To bring awareness to society to the needs of those who are marginalized from it, not because they wanted to, but because of their differences from the established status quo.

Purpose:    To bring together students who are marginalized, ostracized and disenfranchised by their peers, or, society as a whole. Also, in order to learn, cooperated, educate, and help each other in dealing with their social, personal, and, or other weaknesses. This can be accomplished by weekly or biweekly meetings to discuss life’s many issues and personal dilemmas. Further, to hopefully become each other’s friends, not just a fellow, “student.”

Benefits for members:

  • Understanding their conditions, i.e. Asperger, O.C.D, depressions, or other conditions
  • Make friends
  • Meet people like themselves
  • Share their experiences with their fellow students (hopefully, one day they’ll be friends)
  • Learn from others and their experiences
  • Learning how to use their obsessions, or interest to their advantage, with collective support/advise
  • A chance to socialize
  • Support and sympathy

Short-term goals:

  • Helping each other out, and also by researching up and understanding why they are so, “different” from everyone else, or, feel as if they are different from everyone else.
  • Learning how to cope with their issues, be those personal or social, or even professional (I am not so sure about this one Tae, give me your opinions on this, please)
  • Share our interests, no matter how diverse they are, or, how different

Long-term goals:

  • Friendships
  • A place or a group to belong with, “the group of people who are not part of any mainstream groups.”
  • Let everyone discover their full potentials as human beings, and, hopefully, to learn how society works (both its official and unofficial policies)
  • Understanding human nature


So, I ask, what would be a good name for an organization in a college that is trying to bring about Aspie awareness and also help those people while bringing them together?



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Guest Submitted Post

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