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Is It A Game Or Serious Business?

It is serious business when a child will not eat a healthy diet? Who does not want their child to be healthy and able to learn? So it is that when your child will only eat a few select foods that you worry. You try but battles make it worse; you are really in a battle for control and unfortunately your child probably likes being in control –  right! For a child on the autism spectrum, being in control is not an easy task in an environment that is constantly changing, never knowing what to expect. We know that change, lack of structure and routine and surprises are often not well received. Yet the latter is a description of family mealtimes at best some days!

This is a serious business; so you are wondering why I would invent a “game” as a solution. Well, I did invent it but I left the naming up to the 6 year old that I invented it for. He called it a “game” because it was fun! I agreed but with reservations until I realized that GAME could be an anacronym for G et  A wesome  M eals  E veryday! That is serious stuff!

Kids like to have fun, so there you have it! They have fun planning awesome meals everyday using The Eating Game and you have a healthier, happier child who is in control, making good choices having a  much more varied diet of foods from all food groups. In fact your child may soon be planning the basics of your family meals and getting everyone eating better! Now that’s control! Now this mealtime environment is more structured, routine, predictable and a real bonus is that it is all accomplished with a system of visual support materials.


What do you do to get your child to eat healthier foods?


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  • My dad turned everything into games when we were little, but he has Asperger’s and totally understood how to reach us.  We loved making everything a game.  This is a good idea.


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