Amish have next-to-no autism. Why is that?

The curious case of the Amish has been batted around online lately.

Doctors caring for Amish communities report only a tiny incidence of autism, according to Dan Olmsted, an investigative reporter writing for “The Age of Autism.” (No one is willing to actually fund a study of this phenomenon, so there aren’t any hard numbers.)

So the question for me becomes: why the lower incidence? Is it the raw milk? The homegrown food? Or less-than-normal rates of compliance with the aggressive U.S. vaccine schedule? Or all of the above?

I think the vaccine question requires more examination, especially since another study reports less autism in a population that is under-vaccinated (and thus has less exposure to aluminum, a toxin).

A government of, by, and for the people should not be blocking these questions, but funding investigation of them. Do we have a government of, by, and for the special interests, namely those who stand to lose huge profits if the more-and-more-required-vaccines steamroller is derailed?


Phyllis Wheeler

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