Book Review: Seeing Ezra by Kerry Cohen

I have read many stories written by parents, describing their journey through Autism with their child, but none from quite the perspective that this book is written. Seeing Ezra: A Mother’s Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of Normal, written by Kerry Cohen, is one of the most honest books on the subject that I have read. In the book, Kerry writes about how she has dealt with her son being diagnosed with Autism and how it has affected her life and her marriage. This book helps the reader see inside those real moments, the ones of desperation that often afflict parents of children with special needs.

From the moment she realizes that there is something not exactly right with the development of her oldest son, she starts to wade through the mayhem of ‘popular’ Autism treatments to soon figure that she may have a different way of looking at things. Realizing that she doesn’t want to subscribe to the latest dose of controversial therapies and supplements to treat her son’s Autism, she must go out on a limb to truly find out what she feels is truly best for her boy. Kerry braves the road less traveled, not agreeing with the social norm of “the sooner the better” when it comes to treating her child’s problems and follows her own instinct as a mother to decide she knows what is best for him. She starts to realize that not every therapy is created equal and that many aren’t a good fit for her special child.

In the meantime, with the stress of caring for a child with Autism and having to care also for her other younger son, her marriage is failing and Kerry finds herself strained and unsure of what to do next. She takes Ezra to numerous evaluations and the scrutiny endured coupled with realistic and down to earth dialogue makes this book a great read and brings a real life quality that the reader will be able to easily identify with.  Kerry finds herself taking Ezra from one school to the next, realizing that each is deficient of the resources to truly care for her son the way that he deserves to be cared for.

It’s a daily path of discovery for Kerry and Ezra, with a new hurdle around every corner.  Throughout the book she continually finds herself learning from her son, so many great lessons that without Autism she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see otherwise and in a way she is grateful. Ultimately she discovers that Ezra is still a beautiful little boy who wants to be just that, a little boy and perhaps just loving and accepting him is enough for him to thrive. The book also takes you through a mother’s life caring for two completely different sons, enjoying the differences and the beautiful symbiotic relationship she sees between them. Seeing Ezra is a must read for parents and caregivers of Autistic children looking for a fresh perspective on diagnosis and everyday life of a family with a child on the spectrum.

~ Bird

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A blog where a non-verbal 10 year old Autistic Angel named Sarah can spread her messages and where her mommy Meredith just tags along.


A blog where a non-verbal 10 year old Autistic Angel named Sarah can spread her messages and where her mommy Meredith just tags along.

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