Poem: Will He Know

Will he know of sunshine rays through mountain streams,
Ocean waves and seaweed things?
A conk’s memory of the ocean’s whisper,
Summer’s swing to mornings crisper?

What of splashing in a fresh made puddle,
Or tickles on his face from Daddy’s new stubble?
What about raindrops kissing his face all over,
Or understanding the magic of a four-leaf clover?

Will he see other countries and states,
Witness the desert cactus in wait?
Wince at the smell of cows in huddles,
Twist in the taste of summertime’s bubbles?

Find fun eating an occasional icicle,

Or just simply learn joy in riding a bicycle?
Hear a squirrel’s munch on an acorn nut,
Or remember the time we saw one kick another’s butt?

Will we have counted a ladybug’s spots,
Together nurture flowers we grow in a pot?
Dream in the soft flutter of butterfly wings,
Know he’s awakened others to the beauty of such things?

Rejoice while running through a field of tall grass,
Be cushioned in snow when falling on his ass?
Explore ruins and climb rocks,
Get a chance to see pink flamingos in flocks?

Will he know school as connected nursery rhymes,
Schedule boards and squishing time?
Or discover from life there’s more to be
Than speech and language, P and OT?

Will he find love unabashed and true…
Unable to hide it when she comes through?
Will he have made it to prom and give dancing a try?

And will her love ever make him cry?

Will he remember the color of my eyes
Or how tears stream down as I muffled my cries?
That on my mind he’d always be,
Stronger with him, he completed me?

In return, will he grasp my love’s soft touch,
To ask, to hope, is that too much?
Within his purpose, mine was found
In this journey, forever we’re bound.

Will he know what he’s taught me?
About life? About love? About all that I see?
That before him I knew of only myself,
And after, I put that me on a shelf?

What will I show him?
What will he see?
Will he understand
He’s more important than me?

© Gina St. Aubin

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Gina St. Aubin
Wife, Mom, Writer & Advocate of the physically and developmentally challenged. Founding Editor of
Gina St. Aubin

Gina St. Aubin

Wife, Mom, Writer & Advocate of the physically and developmentally challenged. Founding Editor of

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