Psychological Needs Infographic Told with Legos®

I share this information so often with parents, that I decided to make an infographic on basic psychological needs, according to William Glasser’s Choice Theory. Of course, LEGOis about the most fun way ever to start off a series on proactive parenting and psychological needs. 🙂  

I found the inspiration here in a post by Brenton Russell on happiness and fulfillment.  I wasn’t able to find the original author and decided to adapt it for my own site instead.


This information applies to parenting both neurotypical children, as well as children with Autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD.  Many parents I work with find themselves constantly trying to put out fires and are always chasing behavior.  Without some way to be proactive, you will always find yourself dealing with behaviors.

I encourage parents to examine these needs and determine which ones are high for their child in general and then work at meeting those needs proactively.  I’ll be talking more about meeting these needs proactively in the future, but for now I’ll summarize.

Proactive parenting involves meeting psychological needs before they cause a conflict or a behavior problem.  It is a more subtle approach to parenting and involves a bit more thought and planning.  However, it is nearly always far more effective.

Which needs seem to be strongest for your children?  What proactive solutions have you tried?  Let me know in the comment section. Make sure to check back for future posts on proactive parenting.  I’ll be sharing my experiences from my time in wilderness therapy, therapeutic foster care, play therapy, and family therapy.

Disclaimer: LEGO® is a registered Trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. 

A P.S. of sorts, my Basic Psychological Needs Infographic was adapted from one I found in a post on happiness and fulfillment by Brenton Russell.  I was not able to find the original author, and decided to adapt the idea for my own site.

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