The Pain That Bullying Brings

Little man knows more than most what its like to be bullied. While at mainstream he experienced various forms of bullying from public humiliation to more subtly forms like when bullies befriended him for their own personal laughs.

Aspergers Syndrome means little man would at times say inappropriate things without really meaning to cause offence! He also has more intense interests and has a tendency to over power conversations, dominating them with his passions.

Kids pick up on this stuff really easily and little man stood little chance of blending in.  

We also started having concerns that little man was starting to unintentionally bully others as a result of this treatment. He would copy things the other children’s actions and he also had a tendency to repeat things they would tell him… They even once told him to slap the teachers face and tell her she was tangoed! He was told that the teacher would no it to be a joke. He soon discovered this wasn’t the case when he learnt he had been excluded yet again.

He became very angry during them last few months he was attending this particular school. The bullying on top of the discrimination he faced by the teaching staff left him confused, worried and hurt. Its never easy seeing a 10 year old boy depressed and asking the question “Why can’t I just be normal?” Especially when that boy is your son.

Since attending his independent special school, his much more in tune with his feelings. He has a better understanding of how people should treat him and equally, how he should treat others. This is all since making friends with children who truly want to be his friend (they have no inferior motives, no ones laughing at his expense). His learnt the importance that surrounds these friendships and the happiness they can bring.

Its for such reasons that my little man has wrote a beautiful heartfelt poem that left a lump in my throat & a proud look on my face.

The pain that bullying brings (by little man age 12)

Bullying is bad it drives People mad.
Be Friends with all don’t be a foul. Children are crying and there are kids dying.
A single tear, it makes me want to cry that kids fell like they have to die.
Make kids smile every once in awhile there are kids sad, it drives me mad. You go on Facebook and tell the world you’re bad but inside your just sad.

Sweet yet powerful… Wouldn’t you agree?

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Claire Parkinson
I’m a mother to three gorgeous children, one (my eldest) has a diagnosis of Aspergers
Claire Parkinson

Claire Parkinson

I’m a mother to three gorgeous children, one (my eldest) has a diagnosis of Aspergers

0 thoughts on “The Pain That Bullying Brings

  • December 21, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I went through Hell growing up.

    I was in special ed.  They wouldn’t leave me alone, no matter what.

    I would be really, really nice then periodically lash out, but I’ll just talk, so it’s not a big deal, but people would use that against me.  Now I speak gibberish sometimes and whisper and other stuff.  I talk to my world. 

    I don’t think that we should be in the same schools.  It’s really abusive.

    At a school where we all have issues, we would all understand. We would also be trained for a logical life.  Like I could learn trade stuff, and I’ll try, yet again, after the smoke clears from my issues, and I’m okay with it.  I’m still mad. 

    BTW, if we were all in one school, it would give us time to catch up, so to speak.  A lot of us end up normal or semi.  I could read, write and do math by the time I was out of HS the first time, and I periodically got better.  I got rid of my disability even, though people scarred me for life.

    I just don’t remember things as well now, and I have to fight a massive delusion constantly.


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