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Quezon, Philippines : In February 1991, at the age of 19, she got married and is now earning a living through the worldwide web as a writer. She already wrote over 200 articles as a ghost writer and is still writing more. Holmes is a self proclaimed marketing nerd and a certified writer who obtained her English Writing Skills certificate at Alison (an online school based in the United Kingdom.)
She writes about autism and the stigma around it. It’s hard to take that some people still believe autism is contagious. And how much harm a community that is quick to judge can have on families dealing with autism.
‘I don’t write for the audience, neither for myself. I am writing because of the world and for the world.’ She stated on her website. Click here to Visit Vergielyn website.

“Talk A Little About Autism”
By Vergielyn Cubol Holmes

Autism, some people look at it as a disease not a personality disorder. Obviously autism is not a contagious disease that if one gets near to a person affected by autism they’ll be like them too. That if you touch their hands you’ll get the same. Talking about “touching their hands” do you know that it is what they really need from you? Let me just clarify that I am not creating an argument here but stating some facts how I see the majority of us treating people that are affected by autism.

Literally autism is a disorder but not a disease. I consider it myself as a “tiny” disorder that I won’t hesitate to hug and kiss a little child with such condition. Making jokes or creating videos about autism that says there are pros- and cons on the affected children break my heart. Why do people have to be like this? I wonder how they would feel if they are the parents or the ones with such disorder. For sure it will never be easy.

You know some sad facts that I discovered? Some people who claim to be “Christians” or the so called followers of God even mistreat people with autism. Call them names that aren’t good to the ears. And I am saying “some” not every Christian, so I am not targeting anyone here, okay?

There are tons of organizations these days that help children with such condition. Basically the majority of them provide financial help for the affected ones. Literally money can help alot to these children but there is more than what money can do. Simply being compassionate is a great help for them. If you have someone in your home who is suffering from such disorder the greatest thing you could give them is your love. Every bit of your compassion is what they need. To understand what they are going though and broaden your patience, and to keep them as part of your world is the greatest thing you can provide them.
And for those individuals out there, I just want to let you know that you don’t have to be an Angelina Jolie just to give compassion and do a little humanitarian act , know that little children with this kind of condition need your compassionate hand.

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