5 Favorite Books for Toddlers


5. That’s not my puppy…
by Fiona Watts & Rachael Wells
This sensory-friendly book is part of the Usborne touchy-feely “That’s not my…” series.  Toddlers, infants, and kiddos on the spectrum will all enjoy the sensory experience of this book.  It’s also a great way to introduce the concepts of distinguishing things within a category, such as different parts of a thing and different types of the same thing. 

4. One Duck Stuck: A Mucky Ducky Counting Book by Phyllis Root
A ducky sort of conundrum.  Groups of animals try to help the one duck stuck, with no luck.  So, as the story goes, one duck still stuck.  Very catchy rhymes to practice counting with little ones.

Here is a printable for vocabulary words from One Duck Stuck.

3. Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle
We love all things Eric Carle, from his classic book The Very Hungry Caterpillar to My Very First App for iPhone.  Mister Seahorse is another great book by Mr. Carle.  Sea creatures hide in the sea behind each page.  Instead of the standard discovery flaps, Eric Carle used clear plastic pages to camouflage each sea creature in his signature collage style.  Kids are fascinated each time they turn the page.  (So are adults, by the way).

MakingLearningFun.com has posted a simple Mister Seahorse craft suitable for younger children

2. Yawn by Sally Symes.
“Sean gave a yawn…. Guess who he gave it to?”  Yawns are so contagious that everyone will be yawning and sleepy for bedtime by the time you’ve read this book a few times.  Each “yawn” is a circle cut-out.  This silly book is a bedtime favorite.

Did you know kids with autism don’t appear to experience contagious yawning?  I didn’t either.  Fascinating article for parents posted by LiveScience.com.

1. One Sheep, Blue Sheep by Thom Whiley
This week’s favorite book is another silly counting and color book.  A farmer’s 5 sheep each get splashed with paint.  Silly sheep.  Each page features a scalloped cut-out (the blue sheep’s body here), and is incorporating into the illustration on the next page.  It is a clever combination of fun rhymes, ingenious illustration, and learning fun.

Here is a sheep craft by Momstown that could easily be adapted with a little bit of paint.  How appropriate. 🙂

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