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Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California

Scarpetta Beverly Hills last week. It was our first time trying out the restaurant mini-chain with locations in New York, Miami, Washington and Las Vegas. The brunch usually priced at sixty-eight dollars was discounted down to thirty-nine plus 20% service charge with a local deals coupon. The usual non-alcoholic breakfast drinks like coffee, iced tea, grapefruit and orange juices were included with the brunch package.  They also offered bottomless margaritas or mimosas for an additional 22$ per person. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California seats Reservations for the restaurant  (located inside the Montage  Hotel on Canon Drive ) were not difficult to procure, and we were happy to be told that casual attire (including shorts) was acceptable for brunch time. since our son with autism loathes wearing long pants We parked in the public parking next to the Montage Hotel but valet parking at the hotel for an additional $8 can be an option when the parking lot is full, or you are in a rush. When we arrived, there was no wait to be seated, and the Maitre D’  was made aware of our request for a quiet table seated us in the main dining area away from the guitarist playing , as our son with autism is quite noise sensitive Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California kitchen  

The decor

The decor of the restaurant was minimalist -open space dining areas with large windows that supply adequate natural light. The wooden tables were set with individual placemats and no tablecloths were placed with enough space to move about without feeling too crowded. There were two main seating areas accompanied with a heated outdoor courtyard area. For temperature-sensitive diners, I  recommend the bottom or top floor away from the entrance or musician’s post.The Sunday buffet layout was set in the restaurant’s kitchen space, so you almost felt like you are in someone’s home instead of in a commercial kitchen. Equally unique was the fact there was a separate room for desserts which looked like a family’s  dining room. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California shrimp  

The Food

The buffet layout was organized by sections which made it easier for our autistic son to be able to find everything quickly. As you entered on your left, the salad stations included a mixed salad with truffle vinaigrette, zucchini with corn, marinated mushrooms,  pearl onion, cauliflower and last (my personal favorite)  quinoa. The pasta dishes were the most anticipated by my family members given Scarpetta’s reputation. And they did not disappoint! I had the spaghetti was al dente perfect accompanied by classic tomato and basil sauce.  The agnolotti according to my husband was equivalent in quality to ones he sampled in southern Italian eateries. The neighboring carving station had porchetta with a mustard seed vinaigrette as well as a leg of lamb served with a minted salsa. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California breads On the right, various artisan loaves of bread like  Ciabatta, Rosemary Focaccia, and Stromboli along with pastries were artistically displayed. The signature croissants were indeed excellent and my husband, and I felt guilty about taking a bite and leaving the rest on the plate. I would have liked to have tasted some other bread, but there were no cutting tools, so I assumed their primary purpose was display! There were several types of thinly sliced meats that did not leave any lasting impression. As you move further down, you reach the Seafood station which included shrimp,  yellow tail crude and smoked salmon with fennel and oranges. My son was quite disappointed to be told there were no oysters or crab claws that day, especially since the reviews he had read on Yelp all mentioned that. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California meat For the less adventurous kids, still attached to traditional fast food ‘staples, a small kid section featuring Mac’n’cheese, sliders, with the usual chicken tenders and fries combo was available. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California rice The different dessert Hall displayed an appetizing assortment of little pleasures like their famous salted caramel Budino, fruit tarts, tea cakes, creme-brulee filled spoons, pannacotta cup-letters, pistachio chocolate cannolis and freshly fried beignets. My favorites were the French orange macaroons that melted in your mouth. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California desserts Next to the bar area on the other side of the dining room, ‘The Beverly Hills Cheese Store’ showcased their best-selling cheeses and crackers. Both our kids loved the Pecorino, sharp blue cheese. Chevre and Gouda coupled with the apples and grapes. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California cheese Besides the spacious buffet layout, brunch patrons were encouraged to try anything off the regular breakfast menu (included in the price) like polenta waffles, Nutella-Ricotta cheese French Toast, and the quintessential eggs either poached or Benedict style. I was pleasantly surprised by the savory polenta waffle (that did not taste like polenta at all) coupled with compote fruit and their mascarpone butter. My son had two helpings of their egg Benedict and would have asked for a third had I not stepped in and stopped him. Brunch at Scarpetta Beverly Hills California open kitchen

The Service

The service was impeccable, which helped us enjoy our celebration to the fullest. Our designated server brought our coffees and accommodated our autistic gourmand with a house special hot chocolate with double foam. He checked on us multiple times during our lunch supplying additional silverware pieces and napkins we needed. Even more appreciated was his gesture to bring me a to-go cup for my remaining coffee after the bill had already been paid.   [mappress mapid=”27″]]]>

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A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook
Margalit Sturm Francus

Margalit Sturm Francus

A reformed dentist who gave up pulling teeth to show her son the world! Need tips on how to #travel with #autism? Follow me on Instagram & Facebook

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