Autism Hero Highlights

There are so many fabulous blog posts about Autism and Aspergers that I discover each week I thought it was time to showcase them.

1. Over at  Proposed Changes to DSM’s Autism Definition Likely to Raise Eyebrows

The proposed changes to Autism definition have been big talk in the autism community, this is a good place to start learning more.

“Instead of three autism subtypes – Asperger syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and pervasive developmental disorder – not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) – there will be just one, autism spectrum disorder. Some experts believe the changes are needed because current definitions of autism are too hazy, leading perhaps to an over diagnosis of the condition.”

2. A post from Look Me In The Eye <a title="What will the new DSM definition of autism mean to us?
” href=”” target=”_blank”>What will the new DSM definition of autism mean to us?

A balanced look at the pro’s and con’s of the proposed changes to the DSM.

“Many school are already using any loophole they can find to escape IEPs and their obligations under the spirit of the law. State social service agencies can be even worse. A big change like this could make that kind of treatment easier for them to justify and perpetrate, and that is bad.”

You can find John Elder Robinson on Facebook.

3. A post from Deb at Aspie in the Family DSM V and the removal of Asperger Syndrome – a parent’s view

I have found a very similar situation with Heidi’s diagnosis of ASD Vs Annie’s diagnosis of Aspergers…

“My son’s ASD diagnosis has attracted a greater amount of understanding whereas my daughter’s aspergers label has been more readily dismissed. I have met many people who do not fully understand what asperger syndrome is and who do not believe it to be a form of autism. As a result I have noticed a tendency for teachers in particular to dismiss aspergers as not warranting support and yet my daughter shares many of the difficulties as her brother who has a diagnosis of ASD. “

You can find Deb on Twitter.

And onto other topics:
4. A post from Candy at Candy’s Family Our little autie tourists.

A honest look at the challenges of parenting special needs children, being a family, a couple and trying to get out and do things together.

“Too often the Husband and I do activities separately, because one of us will have to stay back with the children that won’t cope with an activity. You can imagine how much fun this is for the parent left behind.”

You can find Candy on Twitter and Facebook.

5. A post from Sunday at Extreme Parenthood Interior Decorating: The Autism Edition

I can relate to this so very much, it reminds me in some ways of the post I wrote recently for Real Mums about the difference between our lives and that of NT peers.

“Mike and I like to dream about buying a single family home someday. Something with a fenced back yard where the boys can jump and play to their heart’s content. A kitchen that is big enough for both of us because we both like to roll up our sleeves and cook side by side but in a tiny kitchen it’s more like attempting to waltz while holding scalding water. We would love nothing more than to have one room as an indoor playground/ therapy room with a swing, climbing bars, and a giant papasan you hang from the ceiling. But for now this is the stuff of dreams. “

You can find Sunday on Twitter and Facebook.


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Life, the Universe and Autism

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