The Early Morning Coffee Stop

Our early schedule is crazy, but it works. We’re getting our system down and it gets us all where we need to be on time or even (gasp) early!

Schedule revolves around needing to get James’ Dad to a commute bus stop 20 minutes away (closest bus that does not leave at 4 or 5 am) by about 7:15 and getting both kids to school (back up to where we started) before 8:30. After trial and error, here’s what I’ve hammered out. Pack lunches the night before (for my husband, that’s packing lunch and dinner the night before). Send daughter to bed in school clothes for the next day. Bedtime strictly enforced.

I get up a little earlier than usual, make coffee, breakfasts, preheat the van, and wake the troops. Load backpacks into van when I go out to warm it. Make sure they’re warmly dressed. Kids take their brekkies out to the van. Watch sunrise start to happen behind mountains as we race down the highway (yay, carpool!) Drop Daddy at bus station and wave. Head back up as sun rises.

Hang out at coffee shop near daughter’s school, feasting on coffee, ice water, and a croissants. Finish eating, brush out daughter’s long hair and style for the day. Keep kids from getting on each others’ nerves. Tried the iPad and my smart phone with James to divert him and keep him from messing with the furniture, but it throws him off his morning I think. So I’ve settled on to a book or toy instead. Seems to work better.

This morning’s toy? My camera. Here’s what it looks like for us in the coffee shop on an early morning:

Mom’s pic.

James, in a cosy corner chair.

James likes the neon.

What a neat shot – he got the neon’s reflection on the tabletop!

This is where he starts to annoy his sister. Gleefully, I might add.

Big sister’s turn at the camera.

She frames her pictures nicely. Unfortunately, James has
touched the lens again, so we get a universal halo effect.

One of our favourite places to supplement breakfast and hang. Righteous!
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For James
A Blog to chronicle our son's journey through developmental delays and dealing with austisic disorder.
For James


A Blog to chronicle our son's journey through developmental delays and dealing with austisic disorder.

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