Bean Bag Chairs Help Kids with ADD, ADHD and Autism

As the owner of AHH! Products (as in ahh…that bean bag is comfy), I have the constant pleasure of speaking to parents about how our bean bag chairs are adored by their kids worldwide.  It’s all fun and games for the most part, but every once in a while, I get to talk to a parent who has a child dealing with autism, or other sensory integration issues.  One parent’s feedback struck me: “My son has Autism. I bought one of your bean bags 6 years ago and to this day, it is still one of his most beloved items. Thank you!”

That comment made every single person at AHH! Products happy, because helping the autistic community is important to us.

It turns out that bean bags are perfect for kids who just cannot sit still in rigid, straight-back chairs.  Bean bag chairs allow them to change position quickly and easily without getting up, so they don’t need to stop focusing on what they’re doing (reading, etc.).  Bean bags also provide a feeling of being cuddled and safe.  It is important to offer super soft fabrics to give tactile comfort, as well as calming colors that help soothe frazzled kids.  Bean bag chairs can be transported around the house by almost everyone, so kids have “pride of ownership”.  They can also carry their “nest” to any room and not be bound to one spot.  Every bean bag chair we offer also has a washable cover and a water-repellent liner that holds the filling.  The bean bag liner zipper is child-resistant and our bean bags meet or exceed flammability standards.  We assemble our bean bags right here in Virginia, U.S.A..

Photo by Max Hirshfeld for Washington Post

A few years ago, the Washington Post featured us in an article about how bean bags help kids with ADHD and ADD.  And, from our experience, children with autism benefit as well.  This spurred us on to put more focus on this aspect of bean bag furniture.   We are always on the lookout for skin-friendly, kid-friendly materials.  We added organic bean bag chair covers, which are hypo-allergenic and “green”.

I congratulate all the families making it work for their children and look forward to being a helpful part of your lives! 

Do you have any suggestions for fabrics that would help your autistic child?

Guest Submitted Post

Guest Submitted Post

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