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I May Have Autism, But Autism Doesn’t Have Me

Yes, I am a young woman with Autism, no question about that. But Autism is not everything about me, I have so many other qualities. And even though I know sometimes it can be hard, I really need people to try, try their absolute best to look beyond my Autism, set my Autistic behaviors to the side for a minute, and just take a moment to see the real me, and what I have to offer.

Since, I definitely have a lot of skills and talents to offer, but sometimes these skills and talents are often overlooked, because people can’t look beyond the fact that I have Autism. Autism is getting more and more common in the world around us today, 1 in 110 children have Autism, so together we need to make an effort to really look at what these individuals with Autism have to offer, since they are a person, an individual, and they have many things to offer, and Autism is just one of these many things. So please, disregard the fact that the person has autism for a minute, and just look at the positive qualities and characteristics that they have, look at their talents and traits, I am sure you will find many things out about the person that you did not know before, because you were without meaning to, looking at the person as an autistic individual, instead of a person. I am a person, a human being, I have feelings, thoughts, and ideas, just like you, I just happen to be a person with Autism, which means that these feelings, thoughts and ideas are hard for me to communicate and share with the world, due to my autism, but with the right support, and environment, I can do it, I can flourish!

Autism is not the boss of my life, it does not run or rule my life. I rule my life, I am in charge, I am the boss, the big cheese, the head honcho, but this doesn’t mean that Autism does not try to take over and try and run my life. I have to work very hard to stay in control of my body, and take charge of my autism, I have to show it who is boss! Just because Autism is a part of my life, a huge part of it, doesn’t mean that it has to be the boss of me!

I know it can be very hard for people to look beyond my autism, especially at times when I am upset and having a hard time coping, or having a meltdown. But, these are the times when I need your help the most, so please, try, try your absolute hardest, not to let your emotions, thoughts, and feelings take over, I can sense your frustration and the fact that you don’t know what to do or how to help me, and this causes me to get more frustrated and upset. So please, next time I have a meltdown, try and understand and see where I am coming from. I live in a world where sounds are louder, lights are brighter, I see lights flicker, touch can be painful, crowds can be my worst nightmare, can you imagine living in this kind of world? Well I can, since I do, so welcome to my life!

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4 thoughts on “I May Have Autism, But Autism Doesn’t Have Me

  • Very clear, very well written and concise post. Thank you for sharing. The only question I have is whether the author is the host of the autisable blog itself, or one of its’ contributors?

  • Thank you for sharing this. I have a 24 year old younger brother with Autism and ADHD. While I have read and heard things about these “disorders” it is hard to picture what it must be like. This is very helpful. I really appreciate your candid explanation 


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