Callum’s Prayer (Prayer for An Autistic Child)


Lord, I know that all autistic children are Your children and that You love them all equally.  But I have only this autistic child, and I confess to loving him most of all.  I want so many blessings for this child.  Thank You for this gift of his life.  For, though he was not the child I imagined, he is the child I cannot imagine having never had.  Please, as he grows, guide him toward:

Faith – because hope is as necessary to the soul as water to the body.

Confidence – in his abilities and worth, in order to convey them to others who might not see them immediately.

Courage – to face fear, to live despite losses, and most importantly – to try.

Curiosity – about himself, others, and the sometimes confusing world around him, for that is how he will learn.

Patience – for others who may have trouble understanding his needs.

Calm – when the chaos of the world threatens to overwhelm.

Resolve – to stand up for himself and those needs, even when backing down seems easier.

Prudence – to know when to seek help and advice from others.

Interests – that he he can both immerse himself in and that can offer him an opportunity to contribute to his world.

Friends – who will love him as he his, enjoy his eccentricities, and be there in his need.

Wisdom – to understand that none of these–none of them– are the result of luck or birth, but of his own choices.

Please, Lord, when I cannot be there, send Your angels to keep my child from harm, and guide him always closer to the peace and love and light that is You.


Guest Submitted Post

Guest Submitted Post

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