Autism Hero Highlights

There are so many fabulous blog posts about Autism and Aspergers that I discover each week I thought it was time to showcase them.

I’m posting on Saturdays so I can link up with the wonderful #SpecialSaturday on Twitter.

1. Just a passing interest or something more?

“So….if you’re a parent of a typically developing child and you tell an autism parent that “My child does that” or “all kids do that” the next time they are pouring their heart out about the nightmare they are having with their child. Don’t try to reassure them that “All kids do that” because we don’t believe you. And ask yourself : Does this interest of my child’s completely absorb them to the point that they are unable to function in any other capacity? Has it become the ONLY thing they are able to focus on and rendered them completely unable to think/talk or act about anything else? Does life for everybody in your family come to a complete standstill because nothing can get done until the child’s interest and related questions are acknowledged and dealt with?”

Oh my gosh yes, I can so relate to this blog post. It is frustrating to hear the phrase ‘all kids do that’ when you know the person you are talking to doesn’t understand the extent to which your child does that – often despite your efforts to educate them.

You can find Fi from Wonderfully Wired Mum on Twitter and Facebook.

2. Sometimes Autism makes things easier

“But there are positives. There are some ways in which you can appreciate the good differences. Not just the savants, not just the lessons of life in being more appreciative and patient and loving… but also in just realizing that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Take the positives, no matter how minor or insignificant or trivial they may seem… and smile.”

Stuart Duncan has so many fabulous blog posts but this one really struck a chord with me as I try to find the positives during the pre-silly season chaos.

You can find Stuart Duncan – Autism Father on Twitter and Facebook.

3. That moment when after SIX years of being a mum…

“….you finally hear the word “Mummy” spoken by one of your children.
With their sweet little voice.
To your face.
Well at least to the reflection of your face.
Yeah that moment.”

:: tears :: such a beautiful moment – please go celebrate with Yeran.

You can find Stranger than Fiction on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Judging Hurts

“I began to think about what makes a person a judger? I believe a person judges others because they think they know it all and their way is right and the only way. They are not willing to be flexible or take the time to see another person’s perspective. They are stuck in their own beliefs and appear to be extremely rigid.”

A thought provoking post with a positive message to take away – leave the negativity with the person who is doing the judging, don’t take it on yourself.

You can find Amalia Starr on Twitter and at the Autism Independence Program.

5. Down

“Trigger warning: Possibly upsetting subject matter. This post is about a common autistic trait, and what it feels like.”

Oh My! This pretty much captures the chaos at our house currently, meltdowns occurring left, right and centre.

Also you should take the time to explore Matt’s blog, it is just brilliant.

You can find Dude, I’m An Aspie on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you written an Autism post this week? Feel free to link up and share your post here.

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Life, the Universe and Autism

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