IEP Round Three!

We’re still working on James’ IEP!

My latest round included an hour of careful review of the 23-page draft plus 3 pages of meeting notes and making comments in the margins. I thought it would take a mere 20 minutes. After all, we’d already put 3 hours into meetings to discuss all this, right?

Silly Mommy. Cue the FAIL buzzer sound.


Somehow, seeing discussed items in print raises even more questions for me, hence margin notes and the need to check in again with the Services Coordinator. 

In particular, I had questions about the goals stated in two different places about the time (percentage-wise) James would be on-task, in class. They seemed to contradict each other, and I did not want James to be pulled out of class if an in-classroom solution could be found.

I also wanted to know James’ schedule of services. He’s currently pulled out for speech (twice weekly), O/T (weekly, up from a set number of hours a month),  and adaptive P.E. (weekly). It’s good for me to have this schedule at home so I can do my part to ensure he’s at school at those times to get his services. Because outside appointments will happen.

Shared info from Behavourist meeting almost 2 weeks ago, including her caveat that she is contracted to support the family, but the school is welcome to call her to ask questions and discuss issues (thanks to the lovely confidentiality forms we all signed last school year).

Requested the addition of a pronoun goal for speech. James keeps using them in exact opposites (he/him/his for a girl and she/her/hers for a boy) and referring to others when he’s really trying to tell us how he’s feeling.

And yes, THIS year I checked to make sure James was signed up for the extended school year, so he would be eligible for summer school (if it’s not going to be like it was last year). Pause for Kuzco victory dance.

There were some other items, but I can’t clearly recall them now. What I did do was take most of a week to review the IEP draft and then raced over to the school at 4pm on a Friday so I could hand it in to the Coordinator and ask her a few questions. She was very patient and even cleared up the on-task/time in class confusion on my part, as well as addressed my notes on almost every page. Phew! She handed me her pen and I signed off.

She also made it a point to tell me that she spent a few hours with James in the classroom this morning and that she both enjoyed herself and was excited about how much progress he has made. That made me feel so good. I appreciate so much that she has been going the extra 10 miles for us.

I did not keep an IEP draft for myself, because it’s now going to be retyped and recopied for the whole team. Meanwhile, James has an awesome set of goals in place for him this coming year, and the work has already begun.

Can hardly wait for Part IV: Epilogue (in which I review the final format and call it good. Or not.)

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For James
A Blog to chronicle our son's journey through developmental delays and dealing with austisic disorder.
For James


A Blog to chronicle our son's journey through developmental delays and dealing with austisic disorder.

One thought on “IEP Round Three!

  • Don’t you love the never-ending madness of IEPs?! We’re working on a school placement change for my son (really, it’s a classroom/teacher change, not an actual placement change but he will be going to another school) and we’ve logged in close to 20hours THIS SCHOOL YEAR alone getting this finally situated and set up, and it’s not finalized yet. Good luck on finalizing the IEP! 🙂


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