Vaccination: an issue of liberty

The National Vaccine Information Center posted a video about liberty, the liberty that our founding fathers risked their lives for.

Does that liberty include the liberty to say no to vaccinations which may harm your kids? It certainly does.

Here’s what Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC president, says:

“Today, there is no greater threat to liberty in America than the government enforced use of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, sold by corporations for profit that can both harm individuals8], 9] and can fail to work at all.[10], [11] Our natural right to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is being violated when government health officials enlist doctors and politicians to track down and coerce us into injecting ourselves and our children with biological products that carry significant health risks for some without our voluntary, informed consent.

“When Americans are threatened with loss of economic and societal privileges, such as being denied a public education, denied medical care, denied health insurance and denied the right to hold a job if we don’t get every dose of every government mandated vaccine, there is no other word for this but tyranny.

I’m convinced that willy-nilly vaccination played a role in my childrens’ autism. Why? The NAET treatment they are undergoing can identify the substances that their bodies react negatively to.  And the vaccines are biggies for them. Here’s another reason: kids born 10 years earlier didn’t have the enormous risk of autism that those born beginning in the 1990s do. What was different? For one thing, the number of “required” vaccines had gone way up, and those vaccines are administered at very early ages, one on the first day of life.

If I had it to do over again, I would make sure my kids had all their shots by the time they entered school, one by one, not all at once. I wouldn’t vaccinate them before the age of 5. But if there were any killer disease in my city, I’d be more likely to allow that particular vaccination.

And what’s a killer disease? Chickenpox? Retrovirus? No. More from Barbara Loe Fisher:

“The ‘community immunity’ club being used today to take away civil liberties in the name of the greater good, conveniently fails to make a distinction between diseases. Hepatitis B is not polio and chickenpox is not smallpox but vaccine laws requiring mass use of dozens of doses of new vaccines treat all infectious diseases and vaccines the same way.

“The large gaps in scientific knowledge about the damage that repeated vaccination from day of birth throughout life could be doing to our brains and immune systems has turned current vaccine laws into a forced, uncontrolled  scientific experiment on the American population.“


Phyllis Wheeler

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