A Growing Interest in Football

Jonathan is really into football now. He sat with his dad most of the last couple of days watching football. I’m in the kitchen, on my laptop, not really paying attention to the game, but I can hear both Scott and Jonathan cheering and high fiving each other. I can hear Jonathan asking Scott to explain penalties.

Since school is closed because of the snow, Scott let Jonathan stay up and watch Monday Night football last night. They weren’t cheering because they weren’t interested in either team, but Jonathan continued to learn the game. At half time Scott asked Jonathan if he was ready for bed. Jonathan was not. Ten minutes later Scott is asking me for the camera.

* * * * * * * * *
Jonathan: I had a nightmare last night.
Me: You did?

Jonathan: Yes, I dreamt I was a cookie and Cookie Monster was trying to eat me. But I rolled away.

Do you or your child have an interest in Football?

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