Homework Battles

The last two weeks Jonathan didn’t have homework because Maryland public schools administer the Maryland State Assessments (MSA) – you know, the report cards on how well the teachers and schools are teaching our children.

Jonathan: We don’t have homework the next two weeks because of MSAs.
Me: This is yet another proof that God is good!
Jonathan: What!?!? God doesn’t give MSAs!
Me: No, not directly, but Who is ultimately in control of all things?
Jonathan: Touché
Where does he get his words?

* * * * * * * * *
The two week reprieve on homework is now past. And Mom is hating life. Between holidays, snow days and MSAs, Jonathan has not had a routine of homework. I’m not ready to fight this week knowing I’ll be fighting again in two weeks – after a week off for Spring Break.
Me: “Fine. I’ll email Ms. Gheen and tell her that you are not going to do homework.”
Jonathan:(Is half way up the stairs to play his PS2.)
Me: I guess you won’t be getting those straight A’s that you wanted.
Jonathan: (Stopped in the middle of the stairs.) “What do you mean, it’s just two assignments?”
Me: And tomorrow it will be two more and those zeros start adding up and your grade goes from A to B.
Jonathan: Drags himself back to the kitchen table. “Fine! I’ll do it, but I won’t like it!”

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