I don’t get embarassed anymore

Four weeks left until school starts. Then the fun really begins. I need to amend Ryder’s IEP, that is the first item on the agenda. I wish our area had more choices when it comes to schooling for kids like Ryder. 2nd Item on the agenda is meeting with the special ed teachers in each school, and making sure we are all on the same page. 3rd item, making sure the lunch ladies are in compliance with Ryder’s gluten and casein free menu…then I need to decide if Ryder will be riding the bus, or will I be transporting him everywhere. So many decisions. I just want to make wise decisions.

Ryder is definitely understanding us more and doing more sign language more often. He is doing better at self feeding too. It’s been wonderful.

Today during Sacrament meeting in church, when all is quiet, Ryder farts long and hard on a metal chair. We sit in the very back of the church, but it was so quiet today you could hear a pin drop. And then he laughs and he laughs hard.

I just don’t get embarrassed anymore. That’s what Autism has taught me. It is what it is. I guess that’s why people don’t sit by us very often!

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